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5 Reasons Your Business Needs User Experience

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs User Experience

Hands up if you ever bought an iPod.

I bought my first iPod in 2005. It was the "iPod with color display", 20GB, right before the iPod Video came out. A few weeks before they announced it, in fact. It sold for $299 / £209. It was easy to scratch, being an iPod, so I always placed it on some sort of material when I put it down on a table, never on the table itself.

Why did we buy these expensive little things? When we could get the same thing for half the price from another manufacturer?

1 Your specs mean nothing

2005 was also about the same time rival MP3 player 'Creative Zen' launched. That was selling for $160. Almost half the price of the iPod, for the same 20GB capacity.

But what was 20GB, exactly? Few people knew. Was it a lot of space? How many albums could I listen to on this 20GB thing? I know I wasn't sure.

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