Blood is Thicker

By Paul Langan

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Main Conflict

The main conflict is that Hakeem is a teenager from California who found out his father was sick and couldn't pay his bills. They had to move with his uncle in Detroit which caused the breakup with Hakeem and his girlfriend. In Detriot, Hakeem cousin Savon once had a good close friendship but Savon started acting strange which caused problems in their relasionship.

Character you most relate to!

The character I relate to the most is Hakeem. The reason i relate to him to him is because he has trouble dealing with with people and it makes it hard for him to make friends.

5 Questions

1.Why did you choose to right about these people?

2. Why the title Blood is Thicker?

3.What inspired you to make a series book?

4.Would you make it into a tv series?

5.Will you make more books with-in the series

Significant quote

"I'm gonna miss you."

This is significant quote because he has to leave his high school love.


I would recommand this book to anyone over 13 it's not just for kids. Because if you like suspenful books with hook hangers. And series book