The 60's - 90's Influential Events

Jason Hogle Period 3

The Beatles Come to America

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Event: The Beatles, a popular music group from England, comes to America. With them they bring new style of music that changes America.

What They Changed: The Beatles were the most influential music group of the 60's. They brought with them major changes to culture on a broad scale. From their long hair, to their do it the way they want attitude, the Beatles changed the ideals of youths across America. They ushered in a new era of freedom and love, as well a a more rebellious mentality in youths against the older generations. The Beatles also changed the style of music in the 60's. They changed music from regular pop to psychedelic music that spoke their minds and expressed their freedom.

Growing Your Hair Out

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Event: The male youth of America began to wear a much longer style of hair in order to rebel against the older generation and it away of life.

What It Changed: In the time preceding the 60's, men generally wore their hair short and clean cut. Shortly after the arrival of the Beatles, men began wearing their hair much longer in order to rebel and usher in the changing times. The change in hair length changed the culture of the day by giving teens a way to rebel against the older generation, and to create more freedom and less conformal ideas among the newer generation .

The Summer of Love

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Event: A mass migration of youths to Los Angeles to express their new ideals on how to solve the problems of ether day.

What It Changed: Tired of the constant wars, and the most recent Vietnam War, the youth of America began to adopt a new way of solving and preventing problems. The values of the youth changed to encompass more love and happiness, instead of hatred and violence. They believed that they could change the world through the love they shared for everyone, and they idea that as long as everyone stays happy, no more wars have to be fought.

Increase in Wide Availability of "the Pill"

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Event: The manufacture and spread of birth control or "the pill" increased greatly during the 60's and became more widely available to the public during this time.

What It Changed: Although sex was a common thing among the youth of America during this time, the fear and risk of pregnancy kept the amount of sex relatively under control. As the pill became more widely available to the youth, they began to have more sex, because the fear and risk of pregnancy was now greatly reduced. The increase in sex attributed to the new values of the decade, that all teens wanted to do what made them happy.

The Hippie Movement

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Event: After the 1950's, a group of people who resented the current way of life, left it behind and became hippies, easy going and loving people.

What It Changed: The rise of the hippies caused a change in the culture of the youth of America. Youths began to follow the hippies ideals of happiness and love to guide their lives by and used this to many problems through this decade. The hippie movement also marked the beginning of a much more common use of drugs to feel happy.

Student Protest of the Vietnam War

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Event: Outraged with the draft of young student soldiers to fight in the Vietnam War, the youth of America, (mostly teens and college students), protested against the war.

What It Changed: Originally the idea for teens and children was to be seen and not heard. Culture shifted in the 60's began to change as the youth of America began to say what was on their mind, and fight for what they believed in, not the beliefs of the older generation. The values of the youth changed as they began to finally fight for what they believed, instead of just sitting down and accepting what was going on.

The Development of "Feel Good" Drugs Marijuana and LSD

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Event: During the 60's the use of Marijuana and the newly developed LSD, became much more common, mostly among the youth and hippies.

What It Changed: As the youth of America were looking for a new way to feel good about themselves and the world in general, they found easier salvation for their goal in drugs. Since Marijuana and LSD gave you an easy high and almost always made you feel happier, it became a much more common thing among youth to smoke it.

Migration from Cities to Suburbs

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Event: Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, people began migrating into to suburbs outside the city.

What It Changed: The migration from cities to suburbs created a societal shift in the way people lived their lives. When people were living in the cities, the norms for everyone was a family that fought to succeed. As families began moving to suburbs, the idea of what a family is, and how it functioned, became a much more conformed idea, and much less individualized.

Assassination of JFK

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Event: On November 22, 1963, President JFK was shot while riding in his topless limo through Dallas, and later died that same day.

What It Changed: Before JFK took office, the world was on the brink of disaster and was in constant fear of what happens next in our country, When he took office, he was able to calm down the nation, assure it, and give it confidence to keep going. At the time of the shooting, our nation was riding on a much higher confidence level, but when JFK was shot, it stunned the world. Society as a whole lost some of its confidence that day, as it lost its president.

Civil Rights Movement (MLK / Malcolm X)

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Event: African Americans protested their way of life in America, and fought for their equal rights under the leadership of the most notable leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

What It Changed: African Americans for years now had been oppressed and treated unfairly throughout all cultures and societies. MLK's fight to end this oppression changed African Americans from being passively angry at the matter, into civil protesters that spoke out and wanted their voice to be heard. Malcolm X's fight to end oppression changed African Americans into more violent and unruly people; especially with the slogan "by any means necessary" to lead them by.

Women's Rights

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Event: Women still feeling oppressed in the workplace, protested the unfairness, and demanded better and more equivalent pay.

What It Changed: As the demands of women were being met, the doors of opportunity were slowly opening to them as well. As women began to be paid better in there jobs, they started to become more independent. Culturally this was a major change, the idea of how a family functioned, stay at home mom and working dad, changed so that now both parents could work to support the family. This increase of independence also brought a lot more divorce to America as women began to provide for themselves.

End of the Vietnam War and Teen Protests

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Event: The end of the Vietnam War, also marked the end of constant protests by students who strongly disagreed with the war and being forced to fight in it.

What It Changed: Now that the war was over, the youth had more time to practice their new belief system of love and happiness. Without all the protesting as well, the youth had more free time to once again focus on the opposite sex as well. They spent much more time dating, driving fancy cars, and going to drive in theaters.

Steve Jobs Creates Apple and the First Personal Computer

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Event: Hippie revolutionist, Steve Jobs, follows his dreams and creates apple corporation, and later goes on to create the first personal computer.

What He Changed: With the development of the first personal computer, Steve jobs set the zeitgeist of the decade, technological advancement. His dream to create technology that could be easily obtained and used by the public of America, is what lead the country to take its first steps down the path of technological innovation.

Aerosmith and Run-DMC Mix Rap and Rock in a Remake of "Walk This Way"

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Event: Rising rap group Run-DMC and the already popular rap group, Aerosmith, team up to recreate a blended version of "Walk This Way" that was both rock and rap.

What It Changed: This blending of music styles was more then just the blending of music, it was the blending of society. Whites and blacks always kept there distance from each other when it came to their preference in music. This songs allowed them to come together and enjoy a similar style in music, as well as gain an appreciation for the others taste in music.

Jane Fonda Creates First Exercise Video

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Event: Jane Fonda creates the first exercise video that can be widely accessed by the American public.

What It Changed: With the hustle and bustle of life, very few people during that time had the time to make it to the gym to workout. By creating a video that allowed you to work out with it, and was fun to do, Jane Fonda started an exercise craze in America, and a value to be healthy and active. She also started the increase purchases of VHS players, so that everyone who wanted to could work out with her.