Superintendent's Update

March 16-20

Weekly Calendar:

Monday, March 16

8:30 Cabinet Meeting

3:00 Innovation Challenge Grant

6:00 Rock Hill High School SIC

Tuesday, March 17

9:00 Parent Meeting

2:00 The Herald

5:30 Meeting with Discovery Ed

Wednesday, March 18

8:30 Community Visit (Richmond Drive)

10:00 Community Visit (Ebinport)

1:00 Meeting

Thursday, March 19

Legislative Day (All Day)

Friday, March 20

8:00-4:00 Budget Planning Meeting

FOCUS from Cabinet...


Middle and High Principals need to know that AD’s wrote a rule that is now in the athletic tab on the web site. The new rule states that any person who puts false information related to residency will lose eligibility for the remainder of the school year. This includes students who do not complete a residency form.

Note regarding Professional Development- Superintendent does not have to sign travel form if the travel is within 50 miles including Charlotte.

Dr. Kokolis and Mr. Wilks worked on transfers Friday. Schools will receive completed requests this week.


Assessment for the SLO training- Secondary March 12 and Elementary March 19 (trainers for school level). These individuals will have another half day session.

There will be another component at leadership on March 24 (Revised template and looking at exemplars of SLO’s).

Elementary- Learning more about summer reading. We will be finding out about the amount of money for summer reading.

Public Information:

Elaine will be determining the date for teacher forum tour of district soon.

Communication audit will occur soon. Cyberwoven will conduct the audit. There will be a focus group of principals. We will let you know more about this.


Please review the 5 year technology plan (it will be uploaded in Canvas under leadership).

There will be a technology audit during the months of March and April. There will be focus groups within the district. More information will be shared.

Human Resources:

Contract recommendations need to be made as quickly as possible. Human Resources recognizes that there are some needing to wait until evaluation is concluded.

**Changes being proposed to SDE on evaluation- more information to come.


We are working on projections for next year and will begin preparing initial information for the work session in April. Principals should try to come to board work sessions and board meetings as critical information will be discussed.

Teacher supply money: We will be issuing credit cards next year instead of checks. We will not be able to reimburse teachers for expenditures over the summer. They will have to use the credit card. Please begin informing teachers now!

Web payments for parents to pay fees are being piloted at Northwestern. Other schools will have the opportunity to try web payments in the near future.

Travel reimbursement- we are beginning direct deposit. This is being implemented gradually. Instead of receiving a check, you will receive an e-mail notification of the deposit.

Survey- February Leadership Meeting

As of March 11, only twelve principals have completed the Leadership survey. I have reopened the survey until midnight on Wednesday, March 18th. Please be sure to go to Canvas, to the February meeting, and complete the survey. I appreciate your input.

District Faculty Meetings

In order to communicate very important district information, we will be hosting 3 district faculty meetings to discuss the following:

1. Capital and Technology Plans

2. District Culture Survey Results

Please see the dates and locations below. Every faculty/staff member needs to attend a faculty meeting. We would prefer that your schools attend the meeting within their zone; however, we recognize that there may be conflicts. Please determine a way that you can ensure that every faculty/staff member attends one of the sessions. Please communicate with your faculty and staff.

March 24th Rock Hill High School Auditorium at 4:00 p.m.

Team Bearcats to include:

Rock Hill High School

Castle Heights Middle School

Sullivan Middle School

Independence Elementary School

Lesslie Elementary School

Mount Holly Elementary School

Northside Elementary School

Belleview Elementary School

Sunset Park Elementary School

April 7th at South Pointe High School Auditorium 4:00 p.m.

Team Stallions to include:

South Pointe High School

Saluda Trail Middle School

Oakdale Elementary School

Central Child Development Center

Finley Road Elementary School

Richmond Drive Elementary School

Ebenezer Elementary School

Parent Smart

Sylvia Circle Elementary School

Flexible Learning/Rebound/Pheonix/Renaissance

April 28th at Northwestern High School Auditorium at 4:00 p.m.

Team Trojans to include:

Northwestern High School


Dutchman Creek Middle School

Rawlinson Road Middle School

York Road Elementary School

Old Pointe Elementary School

Ebinport Elementary School

Mt. Gallant Elementary School

India Hook Elementary School

Rosewood Elementary School

Facilities Services

April 30th- Make Up Session at 4:00 Sullivan Middle School

Congratulations to Elaine Baker!

Elaine will retire from Rock Hill Schools after 49 years! We will certainly miss her but are excited for the opportunities she will have to spend with her family! I personally appreciate all that Elaine has done for me during my first year in the district.

Five Year Technology Plan

Please review the technology plan that is in Canvas. I have a link to it below the update.

Happy March Birthday....

March 5
Keri Brown (Lesslie)
March 7
Damon Ward
Polly Wingate
March 10
Bill Gantt
March 13
Bernard Gill
March 16
Heather Andrus
March 17
Stephanie DiStasio
March 19
Chris Curtis
March 21
Derek Owens
March 22
Pat Maness
Emily McQuay
March 23
Jean Dickson
DeWilla Williams
March 27
Susan Murphy
March 29
Terry Hutchinson