BY; Madi, Jenny and Heavenly

The character traits of connectors

~Connectors are important for more than the amount of people they know, their importance is also the kinds of people they know. (pg.46)

~They are the peopl ewhom all of us camn reach in a few staps because they occupy many different worlds, subculures, and niches.

~The close an idea or a product comes to a connector, the more poweror oppurtunity it has as well(pg.55)

~Word of mouth epidemics are the work of connectors.

Key examples of connectors.

+Paul Revere

~Paul Revere is a connector because he knows a lot of people and those people know a lot of people and that is part of the reason why the news that the British were going to attack got out so quickly.

+Bill Clinton

~he is a connector because he knows people and which people to bring together to make a big community