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This Week's Shout OUTS from YOUR Dolphin Colleagues:

  • Andrea Judge, Lyndsay Owens, and Catherine Robinette for mClassing kids that they were not required to do!

  • The mentees and mentors who only had positive things to say about observing!
  • Shout out to Meagan Ayers for taking the lead on fourth grade math!!!
  • All the teachers who have bravely opened their rooms to others!
  • 2 big shout outs to Mrs. Owens and KPD for helping with Mclass!

  • Shout out!- to mentors/mentees who observed in classrooms for being so kind with feedback and jumping in to help kids!

  • Shout out to KPD, Andrea Judge, and Meryl Davidson for helping me out with Mclass testing.
  • Thanks for all the sweet notes from those who observed in my class this week!
  • Our IAs for working so hard to make the new schedule work!



For those classes who come to media from lunch or recess, please collect library books in the morning and send them to the media center ahead of time. Thanks!

Don't forget to join the Courtesy Committee!

Interims for Traditional K-5 Students

Interims must be sent home for any child performing below grade level or failing a course. Be sure you have made phone or face-to-face contact prior to sending this home to alleviate as many surprises as possible if students are failing the course. These are to be sent home on Monday, September 22nd. There is now a K-2 form online for interims - Grades 3-5 will use the interims through Powerschool.

Heads UP - Cardboard Challenge is just around the corner!

The 2nd Annual Cardboard Challenge is scheduled on Friday, October 10th! We are excited to be providing this opportunity to every single child this year by scheduling it into our school day.

Here's what you need to know!

We plan to have the event (weather permitting) on the old Peaceful Playground - flat area near cottages. In the event of rain, teachers will use their classrooms and hallways. Grades 4-5 will use gym. There will be no specials on this date and lunch schedules will be altered.

K-2 Schedule

8:00-9:45 - Plan and Build

9:45 - 10:00 - Clean Up

10:00-10:30 - Museum Walk

3-5 Schedule

11:30-1:15 - Plan and Build

1:15-1:30 - Clean Up

1:30-2:00 - Museum Walk

What's your role?

Solicit volunteers to help with your class during your time.

Inform parents that duct tape would be helpful - Encourage children to bring whatever supplies you'd like them to have access to. The cardboard will be provided.

Thanks to PTA, cardboard is being handled. They have also bought every child a pair of blue/white sunglasses as part of the event. You will need to make sure you use Sharpies to put their names on them. They will also be providing volunteers to main supply stations and keep things organized.

You might want to consider having children plan their designs ahead of time so that they don't need to do that on the day of the event.

We are excited to encourage another day of exploring creativity!


November 14th-6:30ish - PTA Fundraiser featuring you and your children? More to come!

January 24th - PES Donor Ball - It's a parent party with a big silent auction to be held at the Fair Barn! Guaranteed to be a blast and raise some cash!

March 17-March 25th Boosterthon Fun Run - A Pep Rally, Character Filled 10 days of excitement where children run laps for pledges! I feel some competition on the horizon!

In the Week Ahead.....

Duties This Week:

AM Bus/Cafeteria - Zwart

PM Bus - Ayers

AM Auditorium - Threatt/Rodgers/Lucas

AM Car - McGinnis


Interim for any child below grade level or failing - k-2 use interim on MCS site; 3-5 use

PowerSchool interim

Running Club Meeting with Parents after school

One more pair observing today!


SIT meeting @ 2:45 - media center


FIRE DRILL at 9:35am

SST Meeting @2:45


Running Club starts at 2:30


Anne Smith - off campus meeting

Ciccone - Mtg at Village of Pinehurst 2pm

In the Coming Weeks....

Sept 29

K-2 Curriculum Support Night/PTA Mtg. 5:30pm - Required for K-2 Teachers (TR)

Sept 30

3-5 Curriculum Support Night/PTA Mtg. 5:30pm - Required for 3-5 Teachers

October 2

Teacher Advisory Council Meeting @ 2:45 in conference room

October 8

International Walk to School Day!

Beginning Teacher Meeting @ 3pm - KPD's room

October 9

YR Students Return

Makeup Day for School Pictures

October 10

Cardboard Challenge!!!!!!

October 13-17

Scholastic Book Fair!

October 14th

Faculty Meeting

October 22

Pumpkin Carving 2:45-3:#0

October 24

Fall Fest!!! Make plans to attend - this is a large PTA fundraiser and we need to be there.

November 4

Required Workday

November 7

Bonafide Bonfire Bonding Bash at Anne's house at 6:30pm

November 10

Optional Workday

November 11


November 13

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? at PHS at 6:30pm