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Today, I am going to teach you about baseball. I will teach you the rules of baseball, the differences and similarities to baseball and other sports, and how to perform a steal.

The Rules of Baseball

Basic rules

  • Each team has forty players but has nine players on the field (besides batters) at a time.
  • There are nine innings in a game. Each inning has two half innings.
  • The batter is a player on the team that hits the ball to score runs. There are nine batters in the batting order
  • The batters must run around all three bases and back to home plate to score a run if a batter hits the ball.
  • If a batter hits the ball out of the park it is known as a home run and the batter and all the batters on base can run to home plate without getting out.
  • The pitcher throws the pitches to home plate to strike the batter out.
  • A strike can be determine if the ball is thrown in the strike zone or the batter swings and fails to hit the ball.
  • If the ball is hit right of first base, or left of third base, it is afoul ball and can give a batter his first or second strike.
  • If the ball is thrown outside of the strike zone, it is the known as a ball.
  • If a batter gets three strikes, the batter is out and the next batter comes up to bat. If the batter gets four balls, the batter gets to go to first base without getting out.
  • If the ball is pitched and hits the batter, the batter gets to go to first base without getting out.
  • If the batter gets a third strike but the catcher drops the ball, the batter has to run to first base but can still get out.
  • There are other ways batters can get out. If the ball gets caught while still in the air, it is an out. If the batter gets tag by a glove with the ball it is an out. Or if the batter gets forced out by the fielder touching a base.
  • When the offensive team gets three outs, the offensive and defensive teams switches sides and the next half inning begins.
  • After nine innings, whoever scored the most runs in wins the game.
  • If both teams are tied, the game will go into extra innings and whoever scores the most runs after the extra innings win the game.
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Advanced rules

  • Batters on a base are allowed to steal a base. This happens when a batter runs to the next base before the ball reaches home plate during a pitch.
  • The batter on a base can also lead off. This is when the batter can take steps off the base before the pitcher throws the ball.
  • If a batter is leading off the base, the pitcher can throw the ball back to that base to get the batter out or to get the batter back on the bag.
  • If the batter is off the bag and the ball is hit and caught, the batter must go back to the base he was on. If he touches the base, he is then allowed to run to the next base.
  • A double out is when the ball is hit and the fieldsmen throw force outs to two bases.
  • If the ball is hit in the park and then bounces out of the park, the batter who hit the ball gets to go to second base. This is known as a ground rule double.
  • A designated hitter can be used to go up at bat once during a game. This batter is used to score runs when needed.
The Rules of Baseball - EXPLAINED!

Similarities and differences between baseball and other sports

Baseball and football


  • Both sports have a championship. Football’s championship is called the Super Bowl while baseball’s is called the World Series.
  • Football and baseball both have many different positions in a game. Some positions in football include a quarterback, a wide receiver and in baseball, a pitcher and a short stop.
  • Both sports can use gloves to catch or carry the ball.


  • Football has more violence in each play while baseball has very few violence in a game.
  • While a baseball can only be thrown and caught, a football can also be kicked to score points.
  • Football has referees to call plays while baseball has umpires to call pitches and plays.
  • Football has eleven players per team on the field at a time while in baseball, nine players can be on the field at a time (not including batters).
  • While players and coaches from both sports can be ejected from a game, only football has penalties also known as a flag.

Baseball and basketball


  • Both basketball and baseball needs a cutoff player. In baseball, the cutoff player is used if the ball is hit deep in the outfield and needs to be returned into the infield. In basketball, the player passes the ball to the cutoff man in the center of the court to get to the other side of the court quickly.
  • Even though today basketball is played with five players, back when it was first made basketball was played with nine players per team. In baseball, there are nine players on the field (not including batters).
  • Both sports need quick and precise passes achieve the goals in each game. For basketball, to move the ball to make baskets. In baseball, passes are used for defense to prevent batters of scoring.


  • Baseball has nine innings in a game while basketball can have two or four quarters in a game.
  • A basketball has to be dribbled to walk with the ball while in baseball you don't have to dribble the ball.
  • Basketball is played on a court while baseball is played on a field.
  • Baseball uses a bat in the game to hit the ball while basketball uses no bats during a game.

How to Steal a Base

How To Steal A Base In Baseball

Step one

The first thing you need to do when you steal a base is to lead off a base. This will give you a head start in stealing a base. Don't take to big of a lead off or it will be easy the defensive team to get you out.

Step two

After you take your lead off, you need to wait for the right pitch to steal. A way to know when to steal is to look at the pitcher. There are many observations on the pitcher which determines if he is going to throw the ball to home plate or if he is going to try to pick you off. For a right handed pitcher, you have to notice his back foot. His right foot must be off the rubber in order for him to do a pick off, or throw to first base. Once he starts his motion to home plate, he cannot stop the motion or its illegal. So once he starts his motion, the pitcher will not attempt a pick off and it is okay to steal. For left handed pitchers, they are going to do a pick off if they lift their toes on their back foot. If the foot is dug in, the pitcher is going to throw the ball to home plate. If the pitcher does try to pick you off, you need to jump back to first base head first to try to be safe. When the pitch is thrown, if the ball is thrown past the catcher and goes to the backstop (behind home plate that stops fouls from going into the bleachers), this is a perfect time to steal a base.

Step three

Once you start stealing a base, you need to know how to slide. The fastest way to get to a base without risking running past a base is sliding. There are three different kinds of slides that can be used to steal a base. The feet first slide is the safest slide since you don’t injure your back, spine, or neck. Also, this slide can also help you get back up and steal another base if the catcher or infielder makes an error. Another slide used is the head first slide. The head first slide is the fastest type of slide used to steal a base. This is because you maintain your forward momentum into the base without slowing down or changing direction. Unfortunately, you have a high risk of severe injury to the fingers, wrist or head when doing a head first slide. The third type of slide used is the hook slide. The hook slide is very similar to the feet first slide except you use your hands to grab the base. This can make you either go on the inside or outside of the bag. Always slide into a base, even if the ball is misplayed during the steal.