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January 10, 2016

Visual Literacy: Reading Art

excerpt from Stretching Your Curriculum Canvas: Reading the World Through Art-Edutopia

4 Steps and 15 Minutes

  1. Project a carefully-chosen (content related) image and ask students to look at it quietly for a moment.
  2. Ask students to answer several specific but open-ended questions that come in sequence:
    • What's going on in this picture?
    • What do you see that makes you say that?
    • What more can we find?
  3. Listen to what students say, point to what they mention, respond to each comment, and paraphrase every student's ideas.
  4. Link agreement and disagreement while remaining the facilitator throughout the discussion. Don't add comments, correct, or direct the students' attention (Yenawine 23).

As some students contribute comments, others listen to their peers describe the picture and figure out what is going on. The teacher's paraphrasing clarifies and reinforces the ideas. To assess what all students are hearing and noticing, it's helpful to pair the discussion with a writing activity. Phil Yenawine says that what art museum visitors need is "permission to be puzzled." Image reading engages their eyes and minds. In class, we can offer time "to noodle and figure things out" so that students can use what they already know to reflect on what they don't.

When selecting images, Yenawine says, "What is key especially at the start is to select art to connect with the experience of the group having the discussion; they will use what they know to figure out what's going on as well as the basis for considering what might be puzzling to them." This means that teachers do need to find culturally relevant work to ensure everyone's participation.

Each department committed to finding art related to their content, working toward the literacy goals, and developing visual literacy in their own classrooms.

Full article here

Makenzi Hunter has great prints that she is happy to share! Images can be found for digital display through an internet search.

Snow "Delay Start" Information

In the event that SCPS has a delay start to the school day, certified and classified staff should come to work at "normal" time or when it is safe to travel. Please use your discretion in making the decision--safety first! On days of delay start, all staff needs to sign in on the clipboard in the office when you arrive to work so that we will know who is/is not yet in and possible coverage needed.

A reminder to be VERY careful in the parking lot when conditions are icy or snowy. Please wear appropriate footwear for conditions! We want everyone arriving safely!

Update running record data for December in our Google doc by Tuesday afternoon.

Charlene Ruble Math Consultation Tues/Wed.

from Robyn Marcum's prior email

Charlene Ruble will be joining us for math consultation & coaching Tuesday/Wednesday, Jan. 12-13. We will follow a slightly different schedule this time, as we have arranged for ALL Kindergarten-3rd Grade teachers to be able to attend their grade level demo lesson!

On Day 1, teams will watch the demo lesson (Classroom coverage will be provided for teachers to attend the demo.) and meet with Charlene during planning. (2nd grade is the only exception. They will meet with Charlene during planning on Day 2.

On Day 2, Charlene and I will visit your classrooms for in-class math coaching. Plan to use What’s My Place, What’s My Value? with your students at the time assigned to you. Charlene will be able to give you feedback and may join in to co-teach.

Some of your assigned times for in-class coaching on Day 2 do not fall within your normal math block. Since so many grade level times for math instruction overlap, it was impossible to fit everyone in during your normal math times. Thank you for your flexibility in re-arranging your schedule for that one day!

bby Consultation Schedule – Day 1

Tuesday: Jan. 12

7:45-8:35 3rd Grade Demo Lesson (Room #210)

8:40-9:30 2nd Grade Demo Lesson (Room #109)

9:50-10:35 3rd Grade Planning Session (Room #210)

10:45-11:25 Kindergarten Demo Lesson (Room #117)

11:30-12:10 1st Grade Demo Lesson (Room #112)

12:15-12:55 Kindergarten Planning Session (Room#117)

1:05-1:50 1st Grade Planning Session (Room #112)

bby Consultation Schedule – Day 2

Wednesday: Jan. 13

8:00-8:20 3rd Grade In-Class Coaching (Hill – Room #204)

8:20-8:40 3rd Grade In-Class Coaching (K. Clark – Room #206)

8:50-9:10 1st Grade In-Class Coaching (Childers – Room #112)

9:10-9:30 1st Grade In-Class Coaching (Sharp – Room #113)

9:30-9:50 1st Grade In-Class Coaching (Valerio – Room #114)

10:00-10:20 Kindergarten In-Class Coaching (House – Room #117)

10:20-10:40 Kindergarten In-Class Coaching (Dykes – Room #118)

10:40-11:00 Kindergarten In-Class Coaching (Roberts - Room #116)

11:00-11:40 2nd Grade Planning Session (Room # 110)

11:45-12:05 3rd Grade In-Class Coaching (Tower - Room #208)

12:05-12:25 3rd Grade In-Class Coaching (Atkins – Room #210)

1:00-1:20 2nd Grade In-Class Coaching (Dierson – Room #108)

1:20-1:40 2nd Grade In-Class Coaching (B. Clark – Room #110)

1:40-2:00 2nd Grade In-Class Coaching (Cole – Room #109)

7 Habits Journal Contest Tuesday

Let's see your over-the-top creativity or your simple style! Under the leadership of our Lighthouse Team, we will begin a reflection practice at our staff meetings this week! Our teacher leaders will guide us in prompts and quiet reflection time to apply Covey's 7 Habits to our daily lives. Everyone will need to bring a journal to staff meetings each week--and this week is the "premier" of the journals with our Journal Contest. There will be several categories in our journal contest, so be yourself!

RTI This Week

from Krista Mornar

RTI Update: Reminder to all to update your AIMSweb data so that we can send home progress reports to all students in RTI this week! Email Krista when complete, letters and graphs will be put in your mailbox to go home with students.

For I-Team meetings, please remember to bring hard copies of formative assessments, probes, and other work samples with you to I-Team. We will also look at your running record/data team/MAP scores digitally. Remember that our goal is to unlock learning for students and our notes are developing the story of strategies and student response!

I-Team Meetings this week:

Monday—3,1,K, Behavior (B. Clark, Dykes, House)



Author Spotlights at Friday Morning Meeting

a reminder from the Literacy Committee

Friday, Jan 15, during morning meeting, is our Grade Level Author Spotlight. Please work with your grade level to have a 1 minute showcase of your author for the month. If you have questions, please see a literacy committee member!

On the Big Screen

Thanks to Van Scott and Anthony Schiola for installing a Chromebit on the front hall TV. This will allow us to easily run messages and announcements through the week. The Chromebit software is very flexible, so if you have something YOU want to share, send it to Susie in a Google Slide doc, and it will be included. The slideshow will be updated each week on Sunday but can be edited through the week if needed. This will be a great way to showcase what is happening in YOUR classroom or on YOUR team! Thanks Van and Anthony for their persistent problem solving to help us more effectively communicate with families, students and visitors!

Marilyn Tamer has the capacity to run student work, book talks, announcements on the big screen in the media center. If you have a project to slideshow or video showcase, please talk with her about this avenue to PUBLISH your students' work!

District EdTech Share Fair

from Adam Watson

Our next district Edtech Share Fair will be on Wednesday, March 23, 4:00 to 5:30 pm at the Blair Center! Please mark it on your calendars; a registration link will be sent later.

And now YOU can help! We need to hear the voices of our teacher-leaders. Please click on the Google Form link below to complete an application to present. It can be on one complete edtech tool, or perhaps just an aspect of it, such as a particular feature inside Schoology or a powerful Google Drive add-on. Remember, it’s a 5 minute presentation, then leading a 5 minute discussion — shortened time, yet so impactful. Presenters will receive a $25.00 stipend for their planning time outside school hours.


The deadline for applying to present is Monday, January 11, 2016, so apply ASAP!

This Week at Southside

Monday, January 11

Robyn OUT

11:30 FRC Advisory Council Meeting (Conference Room)

Deadline to apply to present at the SCPS EdTEch Share Fair

Tuesday, January 12

Charlene Ruble at Southside for Math Consulting K-3

Bindu Sunil at Southside for Math Coaching/CoTeaching

Dr. Neihof visits Southside 8:30-10:00

December running records data due in Google doc

Staff Meeting 2:45 Michael Dennis, Math Focus (Library)-Bring your new journal!

SCPS Middle School Chromebook Deployment (FYI: no staff action needed)

Wednesday, January 13

Susie OUT for District Admin. Team

Charlene Ruble at Southside for Math Consulting K-3

SCPS Middle School Chromebook Deployment (FYI: no staff action needed)

Thursday, January 14

Grace, Ryan and Susie at EERTI Math PD

Data Teams during planning (Reading)

Team Lead Meeting 2:45-3:45 (Conference Room)

SBDM January Regular Meeting 4:00 (Conference Room)

Friday, January 15

Grace, Ryan and Susie at EERTI Math PD

School-wide Morning Meeting/2nd Quarter Awards Ceremony (Parents have been invited.)

Kentucky Shakespeare Performance (4th and 5th ONLY) 9:00-10:00 (Gym)

Coming Up!

January18 NO SCHOOL in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King

January 19-22 ACCESS Testing (Mrs. Strong will administer grades 1-5)

January 19 Staff Meeting Focus: Program Review Committees Meet

january 20 ABRI Team Meeting (3:00-Conference)

January 26 Micro Clinic Begins after Staff Meeting

January 28 New Teacher Session (Meredith's Room)

February 3 Leader in Me On-Site Coaching Visit with Emily Reed

February 4 ABRI Coding Day

February 5 Father/Daughter Dance

February 8-February 18 Engineering Week(s)FLEX PD Feb 12/NO SCHOOL Feb. 15

February 11 Potential Date for Valentine's Day Parties

February 12 District PD Date (Flex for those who have met hours)

February 15 NO SCHOOL Presidents' Day

February 17 ABRI Team Meeting (3:00-Conference Room)

February 18 Engineering Showcase (6-7:00)

February 19 Author Study Spotlight (Morning Meeting)

February 23 School Visit (Dr. Neihof and Lisa Smith)

February 24 Wellness Committee 3:00 (Conference Room)