Logan Whitt

5th Graders Rule!

Me 😀

About Me

My name is Logan Whitt as you guessed. I'm 10 y.o. and my goal is to be a Baseball Player! I have 1 sister in my Mom's side and she is Grace Sheets and I have Cousins and Aunts and Uncles, but no Siblings on Dad's side.

Downstairs Is Always the Kid's Hotspot; Upstairs Is the Adults Talkspot

My Family

I don't know how many Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas (ok 2), Siblings (1) well you get it but my estimate is about... 60. The one that helped me the most uhhh... Dad or Mom well you can't forget about Grandma or Grammie uhhh... I can't choose I mean they all help me Gage (my cousin age: 11) get's me stronger in dealing with the shut word and we like to play. Mom helps me remember and makes me laugh sometimes. Dad takes me to Royals games and helps me with homework and other stuff and I make him laugh and he makes me laugh. Grandma (real name: Gail occupation: real estate agent) is nice but nice she's the good Grandma and cooks a-lot of stuff because if most of us get together that's about 30 or 35 and she let's us take downstairs, but for adults they take up most of upstairs mainly the kitchen. Grace I know we fight a-lot and I mean a-lot, but we get along.... sometimes.

Oh Yeah!!!!!

Favorite Things

Video Games, Family, Dr. Pepper, Root Soft Drink, Video Games wait did I already get that, oh yeah best for last BASEBALL (favorite teams ok Royals, Chiefs, and K-State for LIFE) !!!!!