A gym membership for your mind

Project by Sarah Connors

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About the App

Headspace is a meditation app that teaches you the art of meditation through 10 minute sessions in the beginner program Take10. Andy, the speaker, guides you through the sessions and teaches you where, when, and how to meditate. Sessions are supposed to be done once a day, allowing you to be able to meditate on your own after 10 days.
Headspace - How It Works


Headspace contains many sets in varied topics, such as health, relationships, and performance. These sets are only available to you if you subscribe, which costs $6.60 per month, and if you subscribe, you have to complete the 30 day foundation level before you have access to the topic sets.
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Pros of Headspace

Headspace has many pros. It is very easy to use, because there are many instructions at the beginning, given in the form of animation videos you can access at any time. Also, each page has a help tab at the top, explaining every element available on the page. The design is very simple, yet interesting.
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Cons of Headspace

The cons of Headspace are that using the free version, you only have access to the first 10 day set called Take10, that teaches you the basics of meditation. Also, since you have to sign up by email, Headspace tends to send you an email every other day. Another con is that if you start a ten minute session and then don't finish it, you have to start at the beginning of the session.

Who could use this app?

I think that anyone who wants to be less stressed and more aware of the world around them would benefit from using Headspace. I love using Headspace and find that it is very easy to use, and it doesn't really take that long. 10 minutes is not a very long period of time, and I'm sure that you have a spare 10 minutes somewhere in your schedule to use Headspace.
Headspace Website

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