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Then and Now

Then - Great Britain

200 years after industrialization begins, roughly around 1960.

Sir Humphry Davy

    • invented the safety lamp in 1815

    • improvements made as a result of the Industrial Revolution, developed technologies allowed miners to detect the presence of choke damp, carbon monoxide, and coal dust

Industrialization has caused a decline in natural resources, it has affected our health of citizens located near factories, and government issues.

We see it being used in the industrial Revolution,when health problems arose, but once it started affecting the majority of the population .


~ Replacement of machinery for manual labor in the mid 1700's, fossil fuel replaced natural energy sources

~People threw trash and sewage into the streets


The growth of cities led to horrible living conditions

  • Factory workers- cities were dirty due to all of the air pollution
  • Row homes were created to house workers and their families
  • Burning goal coated cities in a layer of grime and polluted the air
  • Water supplies were polluted by waste


Sanitary conditions in the early industrial cities were filthy as well, the government didn't have a proper waste dispose.

THEN - The world


Growth was due to exponential requirements for resources such as food, energy, and land for housing

  • In the mid 1700's population boost 57% (700 million)
  • 1800's -> 1 billion
  • 1972 -> 2 billion
Defense fog of soot and noxious waste covered towns built around iron and steel works


~ Industrialization produced the mechanization of agriculture which led to a limited around of work available on farms so workers migrated toward urban setting to give rise to the industrial city

~ Difficult to maintain cleanliness due to the amount of soot

~ Mass production of food for the world population

~ Beginning in 1873, there were a number of killer frogs in London causing, 1 to 1 deaths in 3 days from server air population due to coal burning


Samples of hair from historical figures of the period, such as Isaac Newton and Napoleon Bonaparte, show the presence of antimony and mercury of toxic levels that are not normally found in human hair


Air pollution

~ Factories have produced over 400 million tons of carbon pollution

~ Steam engines use water and other chemicals to function

Water Contamination

~ In the 1700's their main source of power was water. Using water as a source of power has made it to be vulnerable to contamination and toxins

~ It wasn't realized until years later, when there was a need for cleaner water

Relation to Topic

~ These environmental issues have contributed to worldwide obesity and health problems. IT has also been the reason for air pollution

~ Factories have increased over time causing more environmental problems and has still put citizens in severe danger, health wise