You need this jar, it's uh-MASON!

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy mason jars which is pretty much the same thing!

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Hey Farmers, Homesteaders, Settlers, and Families, tired of food going by too fast?

Mason Jars are known for beginning family traditions of canning sauces, pickles, relishes, fruit and tomatoes. You are also able to store things in a Mason Jar, it doesn’t just have to be food!

Mason Jar: How It Works!

A molded glass jar used in your home to preserve food. The mouth of the Mason Jar has screw threads on its outer perimeter to accept a metal ring. The band, when screwed down, presses a separate stamped steel disc-shaped lid against the rim of the Mason Jar.

But Really, Why Should I Buy This Product?

Mason Jars are important for food and human survival. As food sources and protection improve towns are emerging and cities are growing because we now have proper preservation and are making it able to have more food. The food inside is now more certified for eating, as it’s canned and able to last longer than without preservation. A Mason Jar can change your life because it is able to hold food longer, especially if you aren't able to afford a weekly supply of reasources. A Mason Jar is awesome for anyone!

There are so many ways to use a mason jar! Take a look:

When Will I Need It?

Created in 1858, by John Landis Mason, his purpose for the Mason Jar was to help retain flavor and nutritional value of the food inside. Although now, if you need a place to put your flowers, you are able to use a Mason Jar. From drinking out of the Mason Jar, to making crafts, and canning the food inside it will last as long as possible and get the job done right.


For my invention, I researched the Mason Jar. This product is most known in the 1800's for being a can to preserve food, except now there are so many other things to use it with. The best way to describe it is a glass jar, medium weight, and a very good travel size with a cap to hold everything in place. The jars range in different sizes, and some even have handels on the sides for drinking purposes. Today it's best use is for decoration and people are finding ways to make it look in style.

The Mason Jar was very useful then and now. An effect in the earlier years was that it helped preserve food to last longer and save their taste. This was incase something happened in weather, financial terms, to even trying to save the fruits and veggies so it lasts longer. Today, the most popular way to use a Mason Jar is by being crafty with it! From holiday crafts, to pencil holders on a desk! Another way is drinking out of it. This form could be used then and now! It holds more than a regular cup and it's a lot more fun to drink out of because it looks cooler!

For my title, I tried to write something eye catching. Puns are funny, and amazing is really a good way to describe this product. Out of the 5 techniques, repetition would be the best one to describe how I choose to write my advertisment. After reading this, my plan was to get the word Mason Jars into your head so you think about it and you now know what it is if you didn't before!