September Team Newsletter

August Sales, Top Recruiters, September News . . . . .

August Sales

We had the best August EVER. Super excited to be able to share these PRV numbers with you.

Sharron Grzybowski 2072.19

Amy Blanton 1097.60

Karra Hunter 575.70

Shannon Velazquez 528.90

Andrea Coan 415.03

Arianni Rodriguez 261.69

Misty Arnold 239.30

Michael Rivero 172.60

Heather Cutie 167.66

(numbers based on August results posted the morning of Sept 1)

August Sponsors

Sharron Grzybowski - 2

Andrea Coan - 1 (Lesley B)

Katy Campbell - 1 (Amie N)

** As you may recall, I had TWO Team Challenges in August:
1. Most Recruits

2. The person with most people in their downline that promote up to the next level

I have TWO winners for the Most Recruits - Andrea and Katy will each be getting something in the mail from me.

Andrea had the most recruits that hit noteworthy levels - with an August Recruit doing 150PRV (to be Active) and one hitting Shooting Star.

(both people were celebrated on our FB Group)

Hurray for our August Team Challenge winners!

(numbers based on August results posted the morning of Sept 1)

Lifetime PRV

Misty Arnold

Andrea Coan

Do you know what your Lifetime PRV is? The quickest way to see your Lifetime PRV is on the "Home" tab of the Workstation.

September Changes

New Fall/Winter catalog

Don't forget that September is an ALL NEW catalog. New Warmers, new scents, AND new Diffusers and Oils. You're going to be able to get a whole new client-base with the Oils line.

No one else has Diffusers that are as beautiful as ours - they are works of art! AND our Diffusers come with a Lifetime Warranty (which they need to register within 6 months of purchasing).

Check out the Resources tab on your Workstation to learn about the new Oils and Diffusers, because I'm sure we'll get a lot of questions.

Notice new pricing on some of the same Warmers from last catalog

Notice that there are many items in the F/W catalog that are repeats from the S/S catalog. However, not all prices are the same.

Lampshade Warmers - They are all $45 now; and you'll find that the Charmer and Parlor are now considered Lampshade Warmers.

Terra the Triceratops

I'm sure everyone has noticed the new adorable Buddy by now. Did you notice the price tag? It is $30 - and includes one Scent Pak, as usual. Per Corporate (taken form the Workstation's News Tab): "Due to the complexity of the design and unique fabrics, Terra is $30 (USD)/$36 (CAD)".

New Host Rewards Structure

Also in September - our Host Rewards structure has been changed slightly. I've pasted it below. Minimum Party is now $200. To get a Diffuser for 1/2-off, the client must qualify for TWO half-priced Rewards (minimum of $350). A Perpetual Party Reward is NOT a 1/2-priced Host Reward, so they need to hit that $350 to qualify (remember, the PPR is generally for the Host that referred you to this Host).

Do not let this discourage you and your Hosts. One Diffuser is $130, so the Host is half-way to their Host Reward minimum with just that one sale!!

My favorite Party tactic is the upsell - someone orders a 3-pack of bars for $14, you say "you know, for only another $11 you can get THREE MORE BARS!!". "You know, you're at $90 - my personal special this month is a free Room Spray with $100 order"...... there are so many ways to help them realize that they NEED to spend more money!

Big image

Warmer/Scent of the Month (WOTM/SOTM)

Don't forget about our Warmer and Scent of the Month - we come out with one every month. It's offered during that month at 10% off. The Warmer is available while supplies last (usually it's month before they sell out), the Scent is offered for 5 more months - but the 10% off is only during it's "month".

Have you subscribed to the SOTM or WOTM? It's not a requirement, but a great idea. The price of the WOTM varies based on what the Warmer is (I believe it's generally $60), the SOTM is $35 (plus tax and shipping, of course). If you subscribe, it automatically ships on the 15th of the month. You have until the 29th of the month (or business day immediately before that) to sign up and have this month's sent to you. And it counts towards your PRV - so you're already part of the way to the 150PRV to be Active every month!

You can unsubscribe at any time, or upgrade/downgrade your subscription. Here's what you get:

SOTM: 10 bars, Room Spray, Wax testers (one mini and one regular size), a 50-pack of WOTM/SOTM flyers and 72-pack of scratch n sniffs.

WOTM: all of that and the Warmer of the Month

Be sure to check your "Will Cancel" status!

Don't let time get away from you - remember you have to do 150PRV in one month out of three consecutive months to maintain your Consultant status. Check this by going to the "Performance" tab on your workstation and look to see if there's a check mark in the "Will Cancel" box beside your name.

If you ever need help getting there, shoot me an Email - or give us a shout-out on our Facebook Group. Let us help you come up with ideas and motivate you!

Are you in Will Cancel status?

It's okay - we've all been there. Hit us up on Facebook and ask for ideas. Here's a graphic to use on your FB Page to help encourage them to purchase now rather than wait until next month.

Harvest items are limited in quantity

Also available beginning September 1 are the fabulous items from our Harvest flyer (Harvest flyer available for purchase now on your Workstation's Scentsy Family Store).

These items are always limited in quantity, so if you're taking paper orders don't hold on to them too long! Some of the items from the Harvest collection are below.

(The Holiday flyer will be available for purchase on September 15. The items from the Holiday Flyer will be available for purchase on October 1.)

Time to talk about Holiday Shopping

For some of us, talking about Holiday shopping in September almost seems unreal but there are SO many people that like to get it done early - or spread it out during the last few months of the year. Get your foot in the door now.

"Remember me for Holiday gift-giving"

Send out postcards to your clients to remind them that you're available. Update the personal section of the month Scentsy Newsletter (via the Communications tab on your workstation). Take cards with you EVERYWHERE and hand them to EVERYONE and ask them to contact you when they're ready to do their Holiday Shopping.

After all, you have something for everyone on their gift list, right?!

Check Your Incentive Points after 9/10

Don't forget that August was the first month for the Incentive Period for the Disney Trip (or winners can choose to go to ScentsyCon, aka Scentsy Family Reunion, in July). Points are calculated after the commissions are, so you should be able to see them at the same time.

SO after September 10, check out where you stand on the "Home" tab of the Workstation (scroll down to the bottom). Where are you now? Where do you need to be? Make your your plan, because these next 3 months are prime time for you to hit those numbers!!

Big image

My September mailer to my clients

I had started mailing you guys a duplicate of my monthly mailers that I send out to my clients - but I find that I usually print/purchase just enough to send out. SO, instead I thought I'd start this section in the Newsletter so that you know what I send to my clients. You can see it electronically!

I send out a mailer to my clients every other month now - it helps me save on postage/envelope fees. I always offer my clients this month AND last month's WOTM/SOTM at 10% off (but they have to contact me directly to get this price, because "I am unable to alter orders placed directly on my website"). I don't always mention this in my monthly mailer because of lack of space, but a couple of times a year I'll remind them.

For the September mailer, I included:

1. September WOTM flyer with stickers of BOTH the August and September rub-n-smells

2. Business card (one of the Scentsy ones with the "Join for $99" message on the back)

3. One-Page catalog Tear Sheet

4. The below two-sided personal message from me (I print 3-to-a-page, front and back, then cut them - so 30 sheets is 90 envelope stuffers)

Big image
Big image


Checking out the News tab of your Workstation daily is a great way to stay on top of the latest Scentsy news - including changes to our Scentsy Standards, announcements, back order and partial ship items.

I try hard to make sure to keep you looped in as best as I can, but remember - you are an Independent Consultant. That means you are your own boss, so it's your responsibility to stay on top of the Scentsy goings-on!

I'm here to help you and motivate you. Don't ever hesitate to touch base if you have questions or need some morale support. (or just a sounding board, I'm good at that, too)

Go get 'em!!