By: Drew Morris, and Nick Khzouz

Kuwait vs. America

We will compare many aspects of the two countries that affect their food and food production.


  • USA ----> people can support each other ----> not all people create food
  • Kuwait ----> not a lot of mouths to feed, but also not a lot of food


  • USA ----> Farmers able to use expensive tools
  • Kuwait ----> People struggling to get jobs and pay for food

Land Area (Yes, Kuwait is on there)

  • USA ----> a lot of cost to transport intra-country foods and goods
  • Kuwait ----> a lot less space to industrialize and/or create food

Arable Land

  • USA ----> can have lots of farms
  • Kuwait ----> almost no space for farms


  • USA ----> lots of ports ----> lots of imports/exports
  • Kuwait ----> not many ports ----> lacking imports/ exports

Renewable Water (Kuwait is on there, again)

  • USA ----> doesn't need to spend money on importing clean drinking water
  • Kuwait ----> spends a lot on water ----> less money for everything else

Why does this matter?

  • understand others situation
  • help others with a problem