the long road

by Nickolass M . Clew-Brower

my intro

my name is Nickolass clew-brower but most people call me Vlad cause i had a hobby that steams back to my 6th grade year were i read Dracula books and im in 12th grade on the verge of graduation and my favorite type of music is almost anything food is the same way

the author

i am as seen by the picture i am a author of at lest 10 books each one unique in it self i worked for the longest one for a whole year most of my books have been self published and 75% of them are for the travailing of a young character that ether meets a monster of the vampire sort or is one this is what i write my stores on

10 facts

  1. i'm am writer
  2. a loyal friend
  3. hard worker
  4. persistent
  5. not one to give up
  6. impassive
  7. paling to graduate
  8. not going to be denied
  9. going to work hard
  10. not takeing no