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December 2021

Winter is coming! In preparation for winter, I would like to remind parents that we will try to go out every day (if the 'feels like' temperature is 27 or above and it is not too wet). We use the Weather Underground App (Jefferson Station) to check each morning and afternoon. There will also be times that we will need to be indoors due to icy conditions on the playground. In the event that all is clear and we can get some fresh air - students should be dressed appropriately for the weather (snow pants, boots, hat, coat, mittens/gloves).

Important Dates

December 23rd - Wear your holiday best or comfy PJ's - you decide!

December 24th - NO SCHOOL

December 27th - 31st - NO SCHOOL

January 12th - 6:00PM - Friends of ECC - PTO meeting

January 17th - NO SCHOOL

Preschool Curriculum

Our themes for the month of December include Nursery Rhymes and other stories with repeating words and rhymes. Please visit your child's classroom page to see what our students are learning this month and ways to support learning at home.

ECC Holiday Giving Tree

Thank you to all of the ECC staff who have so generously donated to our annual Giving Tree. We do have some available funds to provide gifts for families that may need a little extra help. Please email or your classroom's teacher by this Monday afternoon if you are interested.

Chelsea's Corner

I am delighted to be joining the ECC team as the new full-time School Adjustment Counselor! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working with children and families for 15 years. I have enjoyed spending my first week making my way through all of the classrooms becoming acquainted with all of our adorable students. I look forward to providing Social Emotional Learning and Support throughout the ECC community, including; social skills groups, classroom level support and SEL consult, family support, individualized social, emotional and behavioral services to our students as well as fostering a whole-school, positive, therapeutic culture and climate within the ECC at large!

This month’s message is about Self-Love. This time of year is magical, festive and fun, but it can also bring a tremendous amount of stress, chaos and emotional strain not only for kids, but for the adults as well! As you swirl around in the hustle and bustle of this holiday season taking care of everyone else’s needs and wishes, I urge you to keep yourself on that list as well (and not at the very bottom!). Give yourself the time, self-care and love you undoubtedly give to everybody else. Give yourself the gift of permission to rest, do some things that truly bring you joy, take moments to p a u s e and be present with yourself and your loved ones. Making yourself one of your priorities not only improves your mood, quality of life and overall wellbeing, but it also models self-love and teaches our children that it is not only ok , but actually very important to care for and nurture ourselves too!

Be Well,

Ms. Chelsea

Fuel Assistance

Worcester Community Action Council

WCAC Fuel Assistance Program


Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Program

Tuesday, Dec. 14th, 10am-12pm

555 East Main Street

East Brookfield, MA

Join us for some music & movement with music therapist

Renee Coro from Harmonious Happenings

and a visit with Santa.

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limited numbers

masks required for ages 5 & up