Pollution is not THE ANSWER

Air Pollution

Air pollution creates global warming by releasing bad gasses in the atmoshphere.This bad gas is called corbon doxide.It is created by coal burning in the factories.Plane crates a gas called co2 along with other transportations and make earth to warm up.

Land pollution

Since the Industrial Revolution, natural habitats have been destroyed and evoriments have been polluted. The researchers believe that contaminated lands can cause problems on the skin and various kinds of cancers when the land is cotaminated the animails get deseases and which means less meant is provided for us.

water pollution

when people throw rubbish in the ocean it causes water pollution that will make the fish very ill and means that when fisherman catches these fish and eat the they will turn very sick.

Water pollution releases bad germs in the water that makes very sick if they drink.

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Do you know who creates pollution and kills lots of innocent lives?Who creates pollution? I know . It is everyone who every threw rubbish everywhere and anywhere.

remember this

That pollution is never the solution.