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Pollution? What is it? How can we stop it?

Pollution is harmful products in the environment. There are 5 kinds of pollution which as Air, Noise, Water, and Land Pollution.

Examples of Water pollution are when there are oil spills in the ocean which harm sea life animals. Another example is when people got o the beach the might be throwing garbage in the water. I once learned in 3rd grade that seagulls can choke on the chip wrapper packets that people leave in the water.

Examples of Air pollution are when people smoke that sends the smoke fumes it the air which other people breathe. Cars are one of the most air pollution causers because they are everywhere and smoke comes out of them.

Examples of Land pollution is when people litter meaning they does throw away their trash. Most people don't know but this trash adds up at one point. Another way thing that causes land pollution is pesticides that farmers use on crops.

Examples of Noise pollution is traffic noise, construction site noise, and many more things. These things can give you hearing impairment, hypertension, and many more things.

We have to stop this. In the end it's only hurting us. Some ways to stop pollution are.....

  1. Recycle
  2. Don't litter
  3. Use environment safe products
  4. Carpool
  5. Wash your car in the lawn
  6. So many more things

The possibilities are endless if everyone does there part in making this a pollution free world.