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Welcome to WordStyle!

With the end of the 2015-16 school year and summer quickly approaching, it's time to introduce TiPP families to WordStyle, our newsletter we plan to publish a few times a year.

Since 2008, we've provided academic support and enrichment to students at Teachers in Private Practice, and so much has changed since we first opened our doors to a few students. Needless to say, we've grown since the early days. It's our busiest year yet with Mr. Ro, Ms. Tyler and me coaching 80 students weekly between the three of us. We now have a waiting list for some of our sessions!

In this first issue of WordStyle, we'll introduce some of the exciting ideas we're working on, so look out for several announcements by the end of summer and into the fall.

Meanwhile, visit our current websites and discover--or if you're returning: rediscover--what we do and how we support and enrich each child who spends time with us.

Every child deserves an edge!

Best always,

Miriam Prell

Academic Coach and Co-Founder

Mrs. Prell's Educational Services LLC

DBA Teachers in Private Practice

Ready for Summer 2016!!

Please visit our Summer 2016 page for information about the programs Mr. Ro and Mrs. Prell are offering, to sign up and to register (new families only).

Mrs. Prell's Returning Families re. Credits

Mrs. Prell will automatically apply session credits from the 2015-16 school year to summer or to 2016-17.

Reserve Today for the 2016-17 School Year

Returning Families Receive First Priority

To secure a spot for your child during the 2016-17 school year, please let Mrs. Prell know that you'd like her to reserve a spot by completing this form.

We love referrals!

Most of our families find us through a friend, family member or acquaintance. We value every family that walks through our door and will find a way to accommodate them. If you believe someone could use our services, feel free to tell them about us and forward this newsletter to them. We sure would appreciate it!

Thank you very much... <3

Mrs. Prell's Educational Services LLC

Coming Fall 2016: Bonsai Write Well, The Online Store

Surprises abound at Bonsai Write Well, The Online Store, which will open this fall.

  • Academic Support and Enrichment Online: Weekly and Monthly Subscriptions
  • Mrs. Prell's Favorite School Supplies
  • Little Treasures: Gifts for Anyone
  • Tutorials to learn about the Bonsai Writing Method
  • Special events for parents and students

About Mrs. Prell

With a passion for learning and guiding communities of learners of all ages, Mrs. Prell believes that every child deserves an edge. That's why she started Teachers in Private Practice!

Mrs. Prell taught middle school Language Arts and Social Studies Honors and College Prep for fifteen years and currently coaches educators for the school district. She developed her love of teaching and techniques by observing, adopting and adapting best instructional practices and applying current research in education.

What an honor to be serving in the community in which she grew up!