The Pilgrims/ Squanto

A Settlement in North America By: Tanner Daniels


The Pilgrims had a long and tough time getting to America. When they settled in America they had to build everything. The Pilgrims had to plant and kill their own food to survive. When Squanto helped them, he taught them things they did not know. When they were finally settled they lived a great life.

Settling in America

The Pilgrims came to America hoping that they will have more freedom than England and freedom from King George. They came to America to explore, make money, make a new land and most importantly they wanted religious and freedom. The Pilgrims came to America on one ship " The Mayflower" that only held 102 passengers. They left England on September 6, 1620, and got to America on December 26, 1620. The first house the Pilgrims built was called " The Common House" it was used for (the meeting house, church, storage and if necessary a hospital). By October 16, 1621 there were 7 houses and more being built. That is how the Pilgrims started the new colony.

Surviving in America

The Pilgrims survived in America with a very limited amount of things. One thing that they survived with were there houses. An average size of a house was about 20 square feet. It was only 1 room and the older kids slept in the attic. When the pilgrims farmed they planted corn, squash, nuts berries and beans. One day an indian named Samoset introduced the Pilgrims to an indian named Squanto. Squanto could speak english very well so the Pilgrims could understand him very well. Squanto made the Pilgrims' lives so much easier with all he taught them.

Squanto helping the Pilgrims

Here are some of the things that Squanto did to help the Pilgrims. One thing that Squanto did to help the Pilgrims was, he helped them build warm houses which they lived in during the first winter. He also taught the Pilgrims when to plant their corn crops and then how to plant their corn crops. He told the m to use fish as fertilizer to make the crops grow rapidly. Squanto also advised the Pilgrims in their relationship with the Indians. He helped them helped them make friends and guided them on trading expeditions and gave advise on bargaining with the natives. Their are some of the many things that Squanto did to help the Pilgrims.


The Pilgrims had a great life after they moved over to America. When they first moved to America, they had to build everything. After they had their houses built, they had to plant crops for food. They were thankful that they met Squanto. Although they had a hard time getting to America, it was worth it.