By:Talayah Goss


Cells come in many shapes and sizes,there are actually millions of cells.Cells are so small you can not see them with the naked eye.For example 10,000 cells can fit in to the head of a bobby pin.Some cells can help and also hurt your body.Cells are in every living thing.Cells have many parts with different functions.

Cell Theory

The cell theory have three parts the three parts are living things are made up of one or more cells,all cells are made from pre-existing things,and cells are in all lIving things.Robert Hooke came dup with the cell theory,he was the first to use the word cells.I have a song if the cell theory,that was used by Mrs.Dusharm that I thought was cool.
The Cell Theory Song

Prokaryotic cells

Prokaryotic cells have no nucleus,this cell is contained with cytoplasm.This type of cells have bacteria,and has a cell membrane.Antibiotics is effective on this type of cell.For example antibiotics effect animal cells,and bacteria cells because they are Prokaryotic cells.Prokaryotic cells have cell walls, capsule, cytoplasm, ribosomes, Plasmid, Pili, nucleoid ,and Bacterial Flagellum.You will see all these words in the picture down below and there parts.
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Eukaryotic Cells

This type of cells have nucleus,it is evolved by prokaryotes.You can find this type of cell in animals, protist, fungi, and plants.This cell has a cell membrane-bound organelles,also it haves DNA,and ribosome in the picture below it have a nucleoli, nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes, Endoplasmic reticulum.
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Plant Cells

Plant cells have membrane-bound nucleus because they have Eukaryotic cells.Plant cells have a cell wall the cell wall lets good things in like oxygen and nutrients and keep bad things out like carbon dixioide, and this thing called chyrloplast.The chyroplast helps them make them make there on food which is called photosynthesis.Then the food travels over to the mictochandra that turns there food in to energy.Plant cells have these things called vacules and thats the part that holds all the liquids. Those are the main parts of the plant cells and last but not least nucleus this is the DNA it controls every thing.
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Animal cells

This cell do not have cell membrane bound because they are Prokaryotic cells.They don't have chrloplast like plants because they cant make there own food but they do have nucleus.They also don't have cell walls,they have cell membranes instead that what let them moves,because the wall is thin and flexible.Also vacules that hold there water,thise are the main cells.
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The Organ System

First you start off with just a cell,a cell is a small living thing inside your body, which us humans are made up of.Then you have tissues,your tissues are when you fall or get hurt and your bleeding then your cells would go to that area and close it,and the cells would start to build up and make a scab.After that you have your organs like your heart,lungs,and liver.Then that turns into Organelles,then after that you have your whole organ system.