Ms. Mac's Memos

Week of August 18th

Mission & Vision

Park Street Mission:

We Learn. We Grow. We Thrive.

Park Street Vision:

Our vision is to provide a collaborative foundation for successful learning and living through:

P- Positive Experiences

S- Supporting all students

E- Engaging with the community and creating

S- Students of excellence

Week at a Glance

Monday: SILT Meeting

Tuesday: PLCs 3:40-4:40

Wednesday: Luz RELA PD during grade level planning

Thursday: PLC data talks during grade level planning

Friday: Parent University 8:30-9:30

Challenge for the Week...

We have lots of new staff members here at Park Street. Your challenge for this week is to write an additional three notes of affirmation.



iReady Diagnostic

Just a reminder, if you have not done so already, please finish your iReady diagnostic assessments.



Coaches' Corner

Buncee is an app to create multimedia projects.

Buncee's interactive, drag and drop interface helps students and educators create engaging multimedia projects and presentations to increase interactivity and flip the classroom. ... With a wide array of graphics and intuitive media tools, students can explore their creativity while having fun.

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Staff Shout Outs... (please submit shout-outs by Friday at 1pm)

1. Dr. Williams

For always willing to call parents or step in to help when translation is needed.

2. Nicole Renshaw

Thank you for helping put new emergency flip books together.

3. ESOL/EIP teams

Thank you for accepting me into your family. You have shown me so much already. You guys are awesome!!!!

4. Amanda Cobb

Thank you for assisting my K students during these beginning days of school in the morning!

5. Vonda Stanton

Thank you for assisting my car riders, walkers, and ASP during these beginning days of school!!

6. Mrs. Thompson

Thank you for helping with lunch applications and being concerned about our students. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed.

7. Specials Teachers

Specials teachers, your capturing kids hearts rainbow that you created with the students was a great idea and it looks great!

8. K Team

Spending countless hours helping me get accumulated!

9. Ashley Bagwell

Working endlessly to sort out Aspen and new kids!

10. Olusegun, Hatheway and Bradley

Awesome team members! So supportive, patient and caring! It isn't easy for an old dog to learn new tricks! So grateful for them!

11. Liz Powell

Thank you for being so helpful, especially during this BUSY time at the beginning of the year. You are a great example of what it means to be #allin and #besomenody

12. Amanda Cobb

Thank you for your support. Knowing you want to help and make sure I fit into your schedule means the world to me!

13. Genres Ortiz

I’m so impressed with how organized and on top of things you are for your first year! I admire how solution oriented you are; it will surely help you have a successful career.

14. Linda Skaggs

You are a great example of being #allin! Thank you for being a team player and for being open minded to new things.

15. Chrissy Smith

Thank you for preparing and sharing so many things. You are so positive and energetic and a great addition to the 2nd grade team!

16. Tangela Ponders

Thank you for checking in on me and being supportive. I also appreciate your willingness to be flexible at a time of year when we are all looking for stability.

17. Ana Mead

Thanks for sharing out beginning of the year activities and seeking solutions for even simple things.

18. Idris Johnson

You are truly #allin! Thank you for being patient and helpful and always doing it with a smile!

19. Heather Welch and Sharon Worley

Thanks for being flexible with your time and supportive with my newest journey.

20. Erin Bradley

Erin! You are doing SUCH an awesome job in 5th grade! You are SO helpful and collaborative! Thank you for all you do!

21. Rhonda Olusegun

Rhonda, thank you for all you do! You are such an amazing team mate and friend! I am so excited for this school year and sharing babies with you! You are always so helpful and SO kind! I am so grateful for you!

22. Shawn Underwood

Shawn, thank you for loving our babies! You are such an amazing teacher. You are going to do such a GREAT job with 5th grade! I am very excited to have you on our team this year!

23. Heather & Sharon

You guys have done a great job helping all the teams unpack and prepare for this year!

24. ESOL & EIP teams

Thank you for accepting me into your family. I know I have asked a billion questions and anyone I've asked has given me sooooo much advice to help my year run smooth. You all are AWESOME!!!

25. Genesis Ortiz

Thank you for being flexible, having a problem solving attitude, and being an active member of the 2nd grade team/Park Street! We are so lucky to have you!

26. Tangela Ponders

Thank you for checking in and being supportive!

27. Amanda Cobb

Thank you for talking through ideas with me, offering your support, and just being an awesome peer to work with!

28. Liz Powell

Thank you for taking the time to make sure everyone is successful! You are a true example of being #allin!

29. Chrissy Smith

Thank you for being proactive and sharing with the 2nd grade team. Your dedication is so appreciated.

30. Linda Skaggs

Thank you for being #allin. You see a problem - you solve it. Someone needs help - you give it.

31. Ana Mead

Thanks for sharing out beginning of the year activities as well as reading response questions, very helpful to get everything going!

32. Idris Johnson

Thanks for all your help! You are so receptive and patient and always with a smile.

33. Mr Johnson

Great training on introduction to iReady and for always making yourself readily available when needed. Thanks bunches.

34. Marlyn Thomas

Just for being you. You are an awesome support and always have an positive encouraging word with a sweet and giving spirit.

35. Stephanie Sims

Always a team player! Thanks so much for helping me out last week! - Joanna

36. Amanda Cobb

Thank you so much for all of your help in the front office!! I appreciate you and so much!

37. Rhonda Olusegun

Rhonda has gone above and beyond to make me feel at home here at Park Street. Her thoughtfulness, kindness, and support have been a game changer and I feel beyond blessed to have her as our team lead.

38. The kindergarten Paras

Thank you for checking on k2 while I was out. "Team work"

39. Curriculum Night Team

Job well done!