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Buying your contact lenses online can save much time and money. At First For Contact Lenses, we have a wide selection of contacts at reasonable prices. We offer everything from daily disposable lenses to coloured lenses. We also provide customers with eye care products like drops and solutions.

First For Contact Lenses is a full service provider of lenses and other eye care products. We have experts to assist you in selecting the best contacts for your needs. We offer all the best known brands including Acuvue, Air Optix, Fresh look and Dailies. We provide contacts to correct all types of vision problems including astigmatism and presbyopia. We have found that even those who have complex prescriptions for their glasses can adapt to wearing contacts in most cases.

If you're tired of the look and feel of glasses, we can help you choose a great pair of contacts. Whether you want dailies to throw away each evening or you'd prefer those which last two weeks, a month, or longer, we provide them all. Dailies are great for those who don't have the time or inclination to clean their lenses at the end of each day and they are also often the best option for children and teens as they require no maintenance. Daily lenses can be purchased in several different size packages for your convenience.

If you're choosing lenses that require cleaning and solutions each day, we also can provide those products. Our contact lens experts can recommend the best solution for the type of contacts you're purchasing. We also provide eye drops for things like sensitive eyes, itchiness and irritation. Ointments and eye care vitamins are available as well and can help keep the eyes healthy and prevent further eye problems. Any questions about solutions, drops or other eye care products can be answered by our contact lens experts.

Another wonderful benefit that comes from ordering with us is that you'll save money. We guarantee to beat the prices of other contact lens providers. Choosing First For Contact Lenses as your contacts provider will ensure you get the best quality contacts at a great price with quick shipping to your home. Our variety of products means that we have something for everyone. You may be tired of wearing glasses and are looking for a way to correct a serious vision issue with our multi-focal lenses that have advanced technology. If you're just seeking a new look, you can try our beautiful coloured lenses. First For Contact Lenses can take care of all your contact lens needs.

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