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tragic death in the forest lands of Gradwitz


A week ago two hunters went out to the forest lands of Gradwitz. It was the night of the huge storm. The men’s names were Georg Zaeym & Ulrich von Gradwitz. The men were trapped under a tree breaking & crushing their bones. It’s been predicted that the wind from the storm had knocked it down on them, enabling them to move. Remains were found & reporters jumped into action giving us information.

News reporter Sa’sha Kelly told us it was really a tragic ending for these two hunters. December 16th the remains of Znaeym & Gradwitz was founded by another hunter. He told Kelly he was setting up a fire in the cold snow covered woods. As he walked into a den to get some wood he spotted something odd inside. He walked over to see what it was and saw blood, air, and bones! He ran and immediately called 911. The men where attacked by a pack of wolves. The men where helpless to their lives.