4th Grade Magnet Classroom Update

May 16-20

PBIS Spirit Week is this week

Monday- Wear Yellow

Tues- Wear a team Jersey

Wed- Hat Day

Thurs- Wear a Fountaindale Shirt

Fri- Superhero Day

Upcoming Dates

May 24- Magnet field trip to Baltimore

May 26- Fountaindale Exhibition

May 27- PBIS Water Games

Exhibition Update

Students have identified two topics (from any subject area) that they have learned about this year. Each student's exhibition will have a written product, an electronic product, and a community connection/real world audience.

With Mr. Warrenfeltz

We will continue our science unit focused on energy. Students will learn about different types of energy and will use the engineering design process to begin planning a moving object that meets specific criteria! They will use their own object to explain the relationship between energy and movement of objects.

With Mrs. Hartley

In ELA students will finish The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe movie which they are comparing and contrasting with the novel. They will complete a literary analysis on the themes developed in the story. Lastly they will write a narrative about an adventure in a wardrobe.