Point View School

NEWSLETTER - Week 9 - 24 September 2021


May I please make a special plea for Point View Families to give us some feedback through our Community Survey ( 小学社区调查 2021 ). It’s a quick job if you just want to complete the tick boxes. We only have 65 responses at present – I am sure we can do much better!

I thank our community for the alternative arrangements you have made and the resulting sacrifices and compromises that have enabled children to remain at home whilst engaged in distance learning. I also thank our teachers for managing their busy home-lives whilst supporting this distance learning.

The school has up to 28 students attending at present in three separate ‘bubbles’ managed by staff volunteers who do not otherwise have classes to support from home. On behalf of us all, a very special thank you to these staff members in our three ‘bubble teams’.

The number of students at school during L3 is at the upper limit of what we can manage whilst still providing distance learning support, so it is only with everyone’s support we have been able to make this work.

Thank you again for working together in these times and I wish you all a peaceful, safe and healthy Spring break with the sincere hope that we will be back together at Point View School for the start of Term 4.

Mā te wā

Robin Kirkham



A special welcome to these students who have joined Point View School during Level 4 Lockdown - Iris, Jian, Justin, Kimmy, Peyton and Sam.


Lockdown has been a busy time at home, whether it's been online or hands on a lot of learning together has been happening. Look at a few of the amazing things that have been going on with our families from puzzling times, building bridges, learning to cook, STEM challenges, exploring the neighbour, writing raps, making things and much more.

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Cooking every day, sick of the dishes, we wanna have takeaways, that’s our wishes,
But Cindy says “NO, no takeaways”, so now to make us happy we eat fake aways.
I jump on my bike and I go for a ride, so many people walking, I wish I could hide.
The dogs are so happy they get walked every day, their happy little faces, they love to play.
Mr. Coomes gives us work five days a week, when I see all my tasks I let out a SHRIEK!.
I’d rather play games and watch tv, I hate online learning, I wish I was free!

Benjamin Chong, Rm 24

I didn't expect to be in lockdown again, oh man! because of stupid Covid I’m stuck with my fam!

Aunty Cindy insists that we have to stay home, and so that means we aren’t free to roam

Uncle Ash said ‘don’t go out without a mask’, But for me at 9, it’s a monsterous task

He said ‘make sure to properly wash your hands’, I think that by now New Zealand understands

They keep reminding us to keep our distance, I see that they are getting a lot of resistance

I thought that staying home would be so much fun, so much online learning just makes me glum

Mum said ‘you eating too much, you gonna get fat', she makes me take part in her bodycombat

The decision for us to move a level looms, that means we may finally get to see Mrs.Coomes!

Jayuren Naicker Rm 22

Lockdown is so boring, I’d rather be snoring, Jacinda Ardern lets out a roar, reminding us that we must close the door,

Loads of work from lockdown lying on my shoulders, as still as big heavy boulders,

No school for children anymore, because it’s against the law,

Shops only let a certain amount of people in, clipping notices with a pin .

Carina Li Rm 15

We’re in lockdown again, it’s been 4 weeks so far, I can’t remember the last time I was in the car!

The 4 weeks at home, not seeing my mates, all I'm doing is cleaning my plates!

The best thing about lockdown is being at home, where I can play with my dog and give her a bone

Dad's working from home, mum cooks the best food, my sisters ok when she’s not in a mood

Today mum and dad might get the jab, if I need to get one I would be terribly mad

By staying at home and doing our part, people won’t die which would break my heart

In level two we can go back to school, I better not be late or I would feel like a fool

I hate the word covid when will it go, one more lockdown and I'm gonna yell NO!!!

Jake Stevenson Rm 22


Complete the online out of zone ballot for children turning 5 years old in 2022.

A reminder that enrolment is not automatic for out of zone siblings. All out of zone students must go through the ballot process, even the brothers and sisters of students who are currently at Point View School.


Look out for details of our next meeting and events once school is back in Term 4.

Stay safe everyone.


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