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a form of alternative medicine that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, under the belief that these disorders affect general health via the nervous system.

Certifications Necessary to Practice

You have to pass a test called the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners plus all of the schooling and then can receive your Certification to be a chiropractor.

Daily Activities: Nature of Work

1) Perform a series of manual adjustments to the spine, or other articulations of the body, in order to correct the musculoskeletal system.

2) Evaluate the functioning of the neuromuscular skeletal system and the spine using systems of chiropractic diagnosis.

3) Diagnose health problems by reviewing patients' health and medical histories; questioning, observing and examining patients; and interpreting x-rays.

4) Maintain accurate case histories of patients.

5) Advise patients about recommended courses of treatment.

6) Obtain and record patients' medical histories.

Education Requirements

  • Of the 4 years of training to be a doctor of chiropractic, 2 years of basic sciences are required followed by the need for a successful completion of National Boards
  • The next 2 years of chiropractic training include the clinical sciences after which National Boards
  • National Boards chiropractic training that is necessary if the chiropractor plans to use physiological therapeutics in practice.
  • tests over three practical skill areas, including:
    • Diagnostic imaging
    • Chiropractic technique
    • Case management.

Payday- what is average income?

average income of $78,780 in 2010.

What skills are necessary to be successful in the profession?

· anticipate and meet the needs of patients

· have an excellent understanding of anatomy

· have good written and verbal communication skills

· be able to pick up on non-verbal cues and body language

· understand good business practices

Practice Settings: where would you work?

Private practice, hospitals, health maintenance organizations, and chiropractic colleges

3 fun facts

1. 1. One of the most successful chiropractors was blind

2. 2. Chiropractic is practiced worldwide

3. 3. More than 20 million Americans will seek chiropractic care this year

A Day in the Life - Chiropractor


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