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Voicethread- A great all-around Web 2.0 Tool

Last year we piloted Voicethread for the district and everyone was so impressed with the cross-curricular, all-ages capabilities of this website, we now have it for everyone! Thanks to all who took the plunge last year. I hope many more of you will try it out this year. Use it to explain something to kids, have kids use it as a way to publish their work, use it as your students' digital portfolios or teach them how to comment and review in a 21st century way. See the link below for other great ideas, then give me a call or email and we can work together on a project!

Online Resources

Check out a few of the great online resources that the GBAPS librarians have purchased for you and your students. At school, send the kids to these websites through the Library website. Click on the Online Resources tab and choose the resource. At home, go to the website and you will have to enter a username and password which you will be getting soon (I promise!).

National Digital Day of Learning

Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 7:45am-3pm

2765 Sussex Road

Green Bay, WI

Consider participating in Digital Learning Day—a national campaign that celebrates educators and the potential of instructional technologies in schools. Sign up here and enter to win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate!

Amy Kline, Library Media Specialist

Red Smith School

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Coming next week(ish)- Glogster and More Online Resources