The Wolves Den

October 4, 2021

Upcoming Dates

September 15th- October 15th- National Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month

October 4-8th- Dress up days to celebrate Lincoln Homecoming Click here for the days!

  • Monday: Crazy/ Fun Hat Day
  • Tuesday: Twin Day
  • Wednesday: Extreme Pink Day
  • Thursday: Super Hero Day
  • Friday: Blue and Gold Day
  • Saturday: Homecoming game at 1:00

October 8th- Homecoming Parade and Tailgate Party 6pm

October 9th- Homecoming Game 1pm

October 11th- Wisconsin Indigenous Peoples' Day

October 15th- Inservice for teachers- No School for Students

October 29th- End of 1st Quarter

October 31st- Halloween

A message from Officer Laabs

We are asking for your help with reminding your learner to lock all valuables they choose to bring to school at all the times. Every student has a locker and should be using it.

Bikes should be locked in the bike racks during the school day. If your learner is participating in an after school activity, they should be locking all jewelry, cellphones, electronics, money, and anything else they consider valuable in their lockers every time.

Too often items are left unlocked and in the open and then unfortunately they may go missing. At times backpacks are left in the open or things are left in the open during practice in locker rooms, not locked in lockers and then they end up missing.

Using lockers and locking up personal items is the first step in lost items or theft prevention.

SWIRL: Our School Goal

SWIRL is The Washington Middle School Goal this year. We wanted you all to know what we are focusing on this year and what you can expect to hear from your learners. SWIRL stands for Speaking, Writing, Interacting, Reading, and Listening.

Our teachers use a variety of strategies to invite students to practice and develop the skills of SWIRL. One of these is known as "Stop and Jot". Using this skill, the goal is for students to encounter a new idea - from reading, from a partner or group or even from the teacher - and take notice of their own thinking. The student will then use a post it note, scrap paper or notebook to record their own thinking by "jotting" their thoughts. This is a quick practice that can be used anywhere - not just at school. We can imagine our families and caregivers using in your homes with our students. We invite you to ask your learner what ideas they have written down in "Stop and Jots" this week.


Hello Washington Families,

Can you believe we’ve already completed our first month of school? So what is happening in School Counseling-Guidance?

This past week, the School Counseling-Guidance and Office Teams partnered to celebrate Kindness week in our building by writing messages to our teachers, sending thanks to our maintenance staff, picking up garbage when we see it, and had conversations around what Kindness looks like, feels like, and sounds like.

This coming week, our 8th Grade PACK Champions are heading into our 6th Grade Classrooms to run a team building exercise with their peers. If you have a Sixth Grade student-it may be a great conversation starter with you and your child to ask, “What does team building look like?”

Into the future for our 8th Grade parents, the School Counseling-Guidance Team is preparing for 8th Grade students’ Individualize Planning Conferences (IPC). The School Counseling Team will be visiting your students in their classrooms to complete their career interest survey, known as “Match Maker” in Xello and review sample 4-Year Plans that may assist with starting conversations about post-high school goals.

As always, questions and concerns may be directed to Ms. Giessen at (920)663-9826, or Mr. Thao at (920)663-9714,
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News To Share

  • Lost and Found: We have a lost and found table in the office that is getting full. There are lots of water bottles, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and backpacks. If your child is missing something please ask them to check out the lost and found. A picture of the table is below.
  • Fruit Sale: The annual Fruit Sale sponsored by the music department is starting! To participate, you must email your name to so it can be included in the drop-down list on the fruit sale site - or you will not receive credit for any sales. Visit the MPA Facebook page or text 920.946.6134 for more information.
  • Water Bottles: Washington has purchased water bottles for our students who do not have their own. We will be handing these out in the upcoming week. We are asking students to write their names on their water bottle so that if is lost, it can be found.
  • Student Planners: Students have been given a student planner to help with organization of work. Teachers are asking students to write down homework and reminders in the planner. Students also use their planner if they want a pass out of class.
  • Cell Phones- If students bring their cell phones to school, our policy is that cell phones need to be kept in student's locker for the duration of the day. If students do not follow this policy they will asked to put their cell phone in their locker or the cell phone will be brought to the office. We are asking loved ones to remind students of this policy.
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House Team Updates