In the Know

You are!

Shouts Outs from YOUR Dolphin Colleagues

  • Gina for running stations, running errands, and keeping me running (she can read my mind).
  • To all teachers and IA’s for participating in the teacher event! Love ya for being so much fun! Thank you also for the Spirit your classes showed! And basically thank you for your support of me and my wacky ideas!
  • Cathy for taking care of 5th and 2nd grade lunch buyers and taking “action shots” for the Dolphin Show,

  • Marie for hosting the dance station,

  • Mary and Deborah for being ready to step in to assist and

  • Ashlee and Chrissy for enlisting their husbands to run a water event!

  • Darrell, Jorge and Vicki for getting hoses, filling water buckets and anything else I needed!

  • Penny and lunch room staff for being so cooperative with changes in schedules!

  • Marsha Harms for having such a positive attitude, being a fantastic organizer, and pushing team spirit and cooperation!

  • Kayleigh for the relationships she built with her parents this year.
  • Kelly & Sarah for being computer whizzes and helping out this school year.
  • Gina Pier for graciously inviting Mrs. Edens’s first grade to camp out in her room during our Field Day wash-out!
  • Many thanks to the leadership of Angie V. and the PBIS team for working hard on PBIS for next year.
  • Thanks to our custodians for always “answering the call”
  • Shaneyne, Kim, Ashlee for being willing to do my grad school interviews!!!
  • 2nd grade for being willing to take my survey for grad school!!
  • Sheila Moore for helping me get the things off my wall that I could not do. And Johanna Edens for offering to help with both!
  • Marsha Harms for two awesome field days even though the second one was rainy!
  • Deborah Maples for sharing her gym clothes with me when I got drenched at Field Day!

We need the following this week:

  • Monday - Vote for the School Improvement Ballot with Jane
  • Monday - Select your lunch for the luncheon with Jane
  • Return the Faculty Emergency Contact information to Jane (will be placed in your box)

In the Week Ahead.....

Duties This Week

AM Bus/Cafeteria beginning - Threatt

PM Bus - Davidson

AM Auditorium beginning - Downs/Zwart

AM Car beginning - Rogers

K-2 Math Assessment


EOG Practice -


Reading EOGs - Grades 3-5


Math EOGs - Grades 3-5


Science EOGs - Two classes, 5th Grade


Science EOG - 1 class, 5th Grade

EOG Makeups

In the Coming Weeks....

Teachers will need to begin covering recess beginning MONDAY. Be prepared to cover lunch during EOGs if needed.

June 8

Final Exams - Social Studies - Grades 4/5

June 9-

Final Exams - Science - Grade 4

Read to Achieve - 3rd grade retest

5th grade Promotion Ceremony - 6pm

June 11

Last day of school!

Early Release at 11:30

Faculty Luncheon - Pinecrest Inn

June 12

Required Teacher Workday