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We believe that one connection has the power to change the world. When you volunteer to host a foreign exchange student, you will gain an exceptional cultural experience and understanding that will initiate a ripple effect, extending to the local school, community, and ultimately the world.

Bring the world to your home by hosting an ASSE high school foreign exchange student

This opportunity would allow your family to experience another culture first hand in the comfort of your own home. As a host family you will get to share all the things you love about the USA with your student, and he/she will get to share about their culture, language and way of life at home with you. You will make lifelong friendships, and the chance to rediscover your own country through the eyes of your student. Apply Here!


5 top reasons to host an international exchange student

Beneficial Reasons To Host

The following is a list of the most beneficial reasons to explore the possibility of hosting an international student.

  1. Learning about a different culture- all the students that come to the United States are hoping not just to learn about the American culture but also to share their culture. Everything from how the student and their family celebrates holidays to the kinds of foods they eat the student is ready and excited to share the traditional and modern points of their culture.
  2. Sharing the American culture- As host parents or siblings, sharing the American culture is an important part of the international students’ stay in the United States.
  3. Connecting your children with another child from a different country- one of the largest reasons that most families host is to connect their children with another child from a different country. This is a great way for your child to learn about different cultures firsthand without having to travel the world. It also makes for long lasting relationships and connections to other countries.
  4. Tax credit- although all hosts families are volunteer and the families are not paid for hosting international students, there is a tax credit available for families of host students.
  5. Creating memories- one of the best parts about hosting an international student is creating memories that will last a lifetime.

ASSE International Student Exchange Program

ASSE's mission is to foster international understanding through educational and cross cultural programs.