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Murrow Music Institute: October Edition

A Note from Mr. Licciardi

Greetings Students and Families,

I hope this edition of The Insider finds you well during such a challenging time. Approaching the long weekend and completing our second week of instruction, I thought it was a good time to connect with the Murrow Music student and family community.

I know that so many obstacles have been placed before us. I commend you for making the best of it. I encourage you to keep a proper perspective. Fully understanding that difficult times sometimes feel eternal, they are in the grand scheme of things temporary. Take heart in that reality. This state of learning and living is temporary. Please keep strong and resilient.

Besides commending the support and dedication of students and families, I would also like to take this opportunity to shout-out your music teachers. They have remained proactive, responsible, and committed to providing high-quality music instruction to you during this difficult time.

Besides sharing news, events, and expectations, I have embedded a survey below. Students and families, please take the time to share your thoughts on the opening of the school year. Hearing from you is essential to enhance your music education experience.


Mr. Licciardi

Assistant Principal, Music

Your feedback matters. . .

Please take the time to share feedback around your Murrow experience the opening weeks of the school year. It is definitely a work in progress. Click the button below to access the survey or following this URL:

Making the most of remote learning. . .

Working in a remote setting is definitely challenging. I am sure we would all agree to that point, Besides the challenges of effectively teaching, an issue we are facing is making the learning experience collegial, collaborative, and to a great extent human. A key way to mitigate the disconnect of remote learning is to simply turn on your cameras. Please be encouraged to take that step. I promise, it will instantly improve the learning experience.

Dates to Note

Family and Student Central

Next Murrow Music Sponsors Meeting: October 26

Come. Interact. Support. Zoom link to come.

Music Institute Policy: Attendance and Programming

Attendance: A key part of the learning experience, online or in person, is being present with teachers and classmates to engage in learning activities. In light of these times, an opportunity to come face-to-face means so much. With that said, attendance is recorded each period. In order to be marked absent, there must be evidence that the student is involved in the class and participating during the scheduled time. Participation looks as follows: sharing verbal comments and answers, communicating in a live chat stream, and or completing a task assigned by the teacher during the instructional period.

Programming Commitment: Over the course of the opening of the school year, I have had the privilege to connect with students and families thanking them for their commitment to their music education and the Institute. I know the times have been trying. Part of the conversation is making the point clear that we are in a temporary condition. Although it might not seem as such, the truth is it is. We will be back to a normal school experience one day. I hope it sooner than later. When that day comes, having our musicians who earned admission in our school through the Institute are expected to keep a commitment so that we can reignite the music-making experience. I am always willing to engage in conversations around programming as needed. Part of that commitment is remaining scheduled in at least a performance ensemble. Please feel free to contact me as need to schedule a time to meet to address and discuss any concerns.

Juilliard Tours and Fairs

  • Live virtual tours conducted by current Juilliard students. Registration for virtual tours can be found here.
  • Virtual information sessions on application policies and procedures. Registration for virtual information sessions can be found here.
  • Virtual college fairs, many of which are open to the public. Registration for virtual college fairs can be found here.

Murrow Music Connects NYC

Murrow Music Connects NYC -Connecting our kids with NYC’s Professional Music Industry

Murrow Music Connects NYC is a brand new outreach program that strives to connect our students with professionals in the music industry, leveraging the many resources that NYC has to offer. The goal is to create inspiring opportunities for the students to be exposed to a variety of career paths, behind the scenes education, and potential mentors.

Sitting in on orchestra or Broadway pit rehearsals, visiting recording studios and watching live sessions, talkbacks with Jazz musicians after a performance, taking behind the scenes tours at live music venues, and having discussions with professionals in music-related businesses are just some of the many ideas we have that would undoubtedly provide fulfilling moments for the kids.

This initiative is being spearheaded by fellow parents along with some of the music department faculty! If you are able to join us in helping to make and/or secure connections, or in other ways, your collaboration would be very welcome!

You can help in these 3 easy steps:

1) Think about if you know people in relevant organizations.

2) Contact them and use this web form which has sample script and ways to capture the info.

3) Be willing to follow up and confirm if Murrow Music is interested in booking the opportunity.

That’s it. It might take an 1-2 hours of your time total. If you have questions, email us at or call Ilana Zablozki-Amir (10th grade parent) at 917-450-3238. Thanks in advance!

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Upcoming Music Events to Note

Virtual Virtuoso Violins: October 13 at 7:30pm

Chamber Music Society Free Event

Inspector Pulse: Stress Can Be Fun!: Oct. 16 at 11am

Inspector Pulse discovers that you can use a musical accent mark to put stress on a note and create dance rhythms!

Winds from Different Lands: October 18 at 5pm

Experience the peerless artistry of CMS with newly curated full-length HD concerts featuring archival video recordings woven together into never-before-heard concert pairings. Join the artists for a live Q&A during intermission.

Donate to the Murrow Music Institute

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