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According to multiple sources, mainly neighbors and other tenants of the Greenwich Village a married couple had been seen having conflict from inside of their home. Per a Mr. L.B. Jefferies he witnessed an assault occur one late afternoon inside the apartment from his own apartment. When asked how he was able to see it he declined to answer stating, "can't injured man gaze out his own window, maybe with binoculars". If you ask me, I'd say he was peeping, but I'm no stool pigeon. Other tenants of the murder building had nothing much to say, seemingly unaware of what was happening right next do. Two women, whom prefer not to disclose their names. Instead wanting to be identified as Miss. Lonelyhearts and The Ballet Dancer said "they didn't see anything out of the ordinary until the lady of the house just disappeared". I gathered more information from the girlfriend of Jefferies, Lisa Carol Fremont. Her accounts were that Mr. Thorwald was acting weird, making private phone calls and had possession of things he shouldn't have. Such as his wife's Mrs Emma Thorwald jewelry including her wedding ring. Lisa backed her evidence by saying a women would never leave for anywhere without her wedding ring. She also said a neighborhood dog seemed to take interest in the plants outside of the Thorwalds home. Now why would a do dig for something, unless it's worth digging for? Maybe meat, who knows. On top of that, allegedly the dog came up dead. He must have been close to something that needed no exposure. The witnesses have all come to one common agreement that something isn't right. Mrs. Thorwald isn't on a vacation...she's dead and Mr. Thorwald is the #1 suspect. All the evidence points to him. Now all the police need is a confession. It shouldn't take too long, Mr. Thorwald is being held on attempted murder charges for throwing L.B. Jefferies from his apartment window after putting the pieces together that the Him and Lisa had been watching him the whole time. Day in and day out. Bet you didn't see that coming, big twist. He obviously felt they knew something worth killing for. Wait, there's more. As Mr. Thorwald was being hald off to jail, he suggested that he should the police on a tore of the east river. Eyebrow raiser. You decide what he meant by that.

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Tenants of Greenwich Village

Bless Your Heart Bonus Article

Although I reported on this case I kept my personals views invisible, because I too lived in the same building just different floor so I couldn't see any of the alleged events. Throughout each interview each person had one common trait that seemed to directly correlate and determine their response. Living in this building I couldn't but feel like I was surrounded by people who lived there lives based upon a feminist outlook, The three women in the case were stereotypical women you see in today's. One is the sex symbol. Majority of women in a mans eyes is a sex symbol today. Next is the women who refuses to except her role in city. Today's society women feel they can do a mans job. Lastly the women who can't find a man and when she does get on she doesn't know how to keep him. Today women are more independent lacking the social skills when it comes to men. The women in my building are a sad reflection of the world today, it didn't disappear in the 50's as we hoped.