Grading The Country

By Emily McSheehy

Forming a Perfect Union

The picture contains a man protesting for his right to marry whom he wants, therefore creating a more perfect union not only between him and his partner, but between the country and the gay people of the country.

The link leads to an article on the White House website about what the country needs to do to create a more perfect union.

Establish Justice

Insure Domestic Tranquility

Keeping the peace in their respective jurisdictions is the main job of the police. By doing this they insure the domestic tranquility. They're part of the executive branch.

Provide For the Common defense

The armed forces job is to keep the country safe and free of others. They do this by putting their lives on the line to fight to protect the United States. The military is part if the executive branch.

Promote General Welfare

Obamacare was meant to create better options so Americans could get healthcare. The executive branch did this, although it has received a lot of backlash from non-supporters it was created with the thought of benefiting the citizens of the U.S. Paid maternity leave is something not all expecting mothers get from their jobs although it should be a requirement.

Secure the Blessings of Liberty

A lot of Americans think that their individual rights are being taken away from them because of gun rights or taxes. These things are of course important to the people but I think while the government might be overstepping its boundaries a little they're doing it in favor of the people.
Overall grade for the country:
I gave the country this grade because I believe that the government could be doing a lot better in terms of money or promoting the general welfare, but they work really hard and seem to be doing the best that they can to make a good country for us to live in. America as a whole is often bullied for its obesity issues it is ridiculed for its lack of educated people. The government is trying to deal with a lot with getting the military out of a war and trying to support the people of the country. Our country doesn't deserve an "A" but I don't think any country does because every country has its faults. America isn't a bad country, it is in fact quite a good country filled with opportunities if yo work hard enough to get them.