By: Monica Brizuela / Book Author: Ally Condie

Why You Should Read The Book.

Matched is about this girl named Cassia Reyes she lives in this tightly controlled society that when you turn 17 you are coming of age and the government has to choose your partner that you will be with. Cassia thinks that her best friend Xander Carrow will be her partner but she starts getting images of this boy named Ky Markham, now she has to choose between being perfect along with her society or breaking the rules for true love.

Bibliography / Vocabulary

The two new words I learned from this book would be :

1. Rebellion - Resistance to or defiance of any authority

2. Exertion - Vigorous action or effort

Bibliography: Condie, Ally, and Jesse Goossens. Matched. Rotterdam: Lemniscaat, 2010. Print.