After High School Plans

Graduating class of 2018

What type of education do I need?

  • Bachelors degree
  • Medical school
  • Internship
  • residency

What colleges are best for me?

U of O, PSU, OSU

  • Acceptance rate-60-75%
  • Oregon
  • offers General science(anatomy, biology, physology and more)
  • 100,676 (on campus) 94,676 (off campus) for all 4 years
  • Requires; Graduate from a standard or accredited high school, Earn a C– or better in 15 college preparatory courses. Submit your official high school transcripts.
  • Required 3.0-3.6 GPA
  • Accepted 20,567-24,123 in 2015

What is there to do is Eugene?

  • Go to the Eugene Shopping Mall
  • Northwest focused university Museum
  • Go hiking at Mount Pigsah
  • Eugene Celabration
What is the weather like?

Annual high temperature:63.3°F

Annual low temperature:41.7°F

Average temperature:52.5°F

Average annual precipitation - rainfall:46.15 inch

What is there to do in Portland?

  • Voodoo donut
  • Walking downtown to see historic sites
  • PSU baseball games
  • Go to see the Zoo Lights
What is the weather like?

Annual high temperature:63.3°F

Annual low temperature:45.7°F

Average temperature:54.5°F

Average annual precipitation - rainfall:

  • 35.98 inch

What is there to do in Corvallis?

  • William l. Finlay National Wildlife Refuge
  • Corvallis Farmers market
  • Cider Houses
  • Rose Garden in Avery Park
What is the weather like?

Annual high temperature:63.4°F

Annual low temperature:41.9°F

Average temperature:52.65°F

Average annual precipitation - rainfall:42.76 inch

How do I pursue this future?

  • I plan on getting a job junior year and to save up as much as possible and get the most scholarships I can
  • I volunteer for the hospital which will give me experience and hours to put on my applications
  • I also plan on taking all the medical classes available at GPHS

What scholarships I qualify for

  • Aaron Anderson Memorial

  • Asente three rivers fitness club
  • Bearss Memorial
  • Emiel and Herman Van deldom