Vacation Information for Nicaragua

Land and Climate

*Nicaragua covers 50,336 square miles

*Nicaragua has a tropical

*The average tempeture is 80%F

*The natural recources are gold,silver,copper,lead,zinch,and timber

*There are a lot of sharks in the Pacific



*Columbus Coas was the first European explorer to visit Nicaragua in 1502

*Spanish explorers visited Nicaragua in the 16th century

*Internal caos broke out and the U.S. was involved with Nicaraguain 1909 the military got it settled it down

*Nicaragua was ruled by Spain until the early 1820's

*Nicaragua was United to Mexico in 1822-1823


*One of the most poorest Latin American countries

*The economy depends heavily on international aid and money

*At the end of the 20th century,however,the economy was gradually improving

*Foreign trades suffured in the 1980's,when the U.S. declared a tradembargo


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