Cooperative Learning

An Introduction

Today's Goal

To gain an overall understanding of what cooperative learning is and the research behind it


Our Vision and Mission

To support students in becoming global citizens and leaders at school and in the community.

Together, we will ensure the academic achievement and social development of each student in a safe, positive, and loving environment.

Our Task

Part One (Instrument Expert Groups)

1. Get into groups of 4-5 people based on the same instrument card. (Drummers working with drummers, guitar players working with guitar players, etc.)

2. Based on your instrument, you have been given a topic revolving around cooperative learning. Within your groups, review the articles and identify 4-5 key statements, facts, or ideas.

Drummers - What is Cooperative Learning?

Guitar Players - What does the research say?

Keyboardists - What does the research say about student growth in subgroups?

Singers - What is the best way to begin implementing Cooperative Learning strategies?

3. Using any Cool Tool or app on your computer, create something as a group that shares what you learned about your topic. Don't forget to include your statements or ideas from #2!

4. Please complete the form below to submit/share your group project!

Part Two (Showtime with the whole Band!)

1. Form new groups of 4. In each group, there should be one guitar player, one keyboardist, one guitar player, and one singer.

2. Share your learning with your group members. Share your groups' creation as well!


Drummers - What is Cooperative Learning?

Guitar Players - The Research

Keyboardists - Student Growth in Subgroups

Singers - How to Implement


Once the group projects are submitted, they will be listed and linked below so that everyone can access them! :)

If you don't see your groups' project below, please share it with me!