Healthy Recipes

For your Diet at Home

By: Gianna Grivetti

This is how you make healthy pizza. First you take a soft tortilla shell put some shredded cheese on the tortilla shell. Then put it in the oven for 1 min 50 seconds.Then take the pizza out and there is your healthy pizza recipe. I hoped this helped for your diet at home.

This is how to make healthy popsicles. Have you ever wanted a popsicles , but then said to yourself I am on a diet? Well now you can be on a diet and still eat popsicles. Here is a healthy popsicle recipe. First you have to buy a popsicle shaper. Then make your favorite fruit smoothie. Next you put your fruit smoothie in the popsicle shaper and then you put it in the freezer. Next you wait 3-4 hours. Then take it out of the freezer there is your healthy popsicle recipe.

Stay healthy.