Francais 2 - week 16

le 7 - 14 decembre

My has the semester flown by!

Can you believe next week is the LAST regular week of the online class? All assignments are due by Friday, December 18. Due to the holiday season, I will have limited access to the class during the 2 week break that NCVPS has. I will be available until December 23, then I will be available after January 2. I hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL holiday season :)

What RLCs are available for Unit 10?

Laurie Gaitskill Sunday 12/6 3pm

Alexa Haselhorst Mon Dec 7 at 8, 10:30, 4

Kristin Bunphitak Tues Dec 8 5:00

Annette Frey Thurs Dec 10 at 12:30 noon

Georgiana Scrisu 12/14 at 7pm

Marjorie Baker 12/16 at 8PM


1. Can I make up missing assignments? YES!! Be sure to message me the names of any quiz that are automatically graded by the computer so I can revert your score from a 0 to your new score! :)

2. Can I continue working during winter break? YES! But I will not be grading daily or available throughout the winter holiday as I will not be home. Get as much work done now as you can! (All assignments are DUE by Friday, December 18 anyway :)

3. When is the final exam due? FRIDAY, JANUARY 8. NO EXCEPTIONS SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY :)

Mme Laurie Gaitskill

Enjoy your time off that's coming, but be sure you've caught up on missing assignments :)