Wanted Samurai

Call 724-555-5555

Need a Samurai Real Fast!!!!!!


Need to be good with your hands and get the job done and keep it real while doing so, someone that is steady and stealthy as well.

Education credentials

Had to begin as a young child and know what there doing classes that would be required would be physical training.


Get everything done that is needed and get the job done.

Proper conduct of a Samurai

Be loyal to their leader and protect there country.

Weapons needed

Samurai sword is needed that is it.

Spears as well.

Compensation (pay/benefits a Daimyo would give to a Samurai).

Get payed in respect by there Daimyo.

Get to carry swords everywhere.

Personal values as a Samurai

Good personality and pretty fit needs to be good looking too.


Just keep it real that is all that will ever be needed and stealthiness.