By: James Dashner : Alaina Huntington 3rd period


Thomas is a 16 year old boy stuck in the maze with about 20/30 other boys. Thomas is an protagonist and he is always super curious and sometimes a little disrespectful. As Teresa put it he has a chiseled body and angelic face with his dark hair and striking blue green eyes.

Teresa is the only girl to ever go to the maze. She has a crush on Thomas and also becomes his best friend. Teresa is a fiesty 16 year old with dark hair and breathtaking blue gray eyes. She is a protagonist and helps Thomas finish the maze.

Minho is keeper of the runners and quite the thinker. He helps map the maze and find out the code to freedom. Minho is like Thomas's brother nothing could separate them. Minho is about 17 and is an Asian that runs so fast he practically flies. Minho is also a protagonist.

Newt is the last of the inseparable three with Thomas and Minho, they were closer than brothers could ever be. Newt was a fiery ball of energy and hatred of the creators and anything in his way for that matter. Even though Newt seems bad he is actually a protagonist. He is short but scrappy and is not afraid to risk his life for his honorary brothers. He died to save Minho and Thomas.


The theme of this book is never ever giving up. I can prove this by that some of the boys including, Minho, had been in the maze for 3 years and the maze was just repeating its self over and over again. They didn't give up though they went through the dreaded greiver hole and nearly all died but they didn't give up did they. The few boy that stayed back died because the gave up.


The Maze is a nasty place made of a giant oval concrete and steel moving mass that is made to keep the gladers in at night and free to explore the maze during the day. The maze has a farm, slaughter house, homestead, and kitchen/cafeteria. The maze, on the outside moves every night. The maze effects the characters by leaving them trapped like lab rats and pretty much hopeless and depressed. Others have gotten used to it and are to afraid to leave.


In the story I think the maze is the biggest example of symbolism because to us it could mean that even if obstacles are hard and intimidating you can't be afraid to face them. The maze is a giant maze made out of steel and lots of concrete.

I loved this book

I loved this book because it was such a thriller and had lots of twists and turns. My favorite character was either Thomas or Minho. They were both inspiring heros and honorary brothers. This book takes a little longer to read but once you pick it up you can't put it down.It also is a great series to read and never boring. It's a great if not amazing book I absolutely recommend it.