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September 2, 2019

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Well-deserved R&R

Whoa! Another fantastic week at MMA in the books. Thank you all for working so hard to create a loving and productive learning environment for our students. I know that you sacrifice much of yourselves in this endeavor. Please, please take a moment (or many moments) for yourself this weekend to recharge. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

You are doing great things. I can tell how much you are working with students on grace and courtesy. I have done several tours lately and new families have been impressed. I can tell how you are stressing to students that we need to take care of and restore our environment because I can see it around the building. Thank you for creating fantastic lesson plans and for getting students independently working through their work charts.

I am in awe of your professionalism, dedication, and immense love for our students. I am honored to engage in this work with you each day.

I am also going to take some much needed family time camping this weekend where there is no cell signal - which is why I need to finish this and get it sent out so I can leave :-). Have a marvelous weekend and see you Tuesday,


MMA's Day of Service

To honor Dr. Montessori's birthday, we will be having a day of service on campus on Tuesday, September 3rd when we return from the long Labor Day weekend. I communicated last week that we will work from 9-10:45am on these projects; however, some projects may not take this long.

Please click the link below to sign up for a spot to beautify. Please do not sign your class up to clean up North Shore or any areas outside of the fences if you have any runners, wanderers, or think that anyone in your class could not handle that experience. If your class is outside of the fences, extreme care should be take to supervise your students.

Gates should remain locked at all times during this day of service. Classes will need to use the front doors, and not side gates, to access the outside of the building or fences.

There are several pairs of gloves that would be helpful for weeding in a box in the erd kinder classroom that we will get out and put in the commons area for classes to borrow gloves. I am also including in the MMM for parents to send gardening gloves with their children if possible. Please ensure that the borrowed gloves make it back into the erd kinder bin.

Thank you all for engaging in this service to honor Dr. Maria Montessori.

Day of Service Sign-Up

Please type in the teacher's name under the class column.

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The confusion around whether teachers or assistants should attend specials with their class is my fault and I apologize for any frustration this may have caused. As Shanan so beautifully wrote in an email earlier this week, we will need support from the teacher or teaching assistant for the first several times your students attend specials. It can be very overwhelming for our specials teachers to get to know and be able to work well with every child in the building because these teachers will teach over 400 students. Perhaps you do not have to go into class with your students per se; but, you could sit near the specials classroom to plan, work on your computer, meet with your assistant or case manager - and just be available if a situation should arise. As you know, we have Will, a long-term sub for PE. We want him to keep liking us and not scare him away. He may need more support and encouragement than our full-time specials teachers. Thank you all for helping everyone transition to specials.

State Teacher Funds

Like we discussed last year and like it is in the revised employee handbook, your state teacher funds will be distributed directly to you. These funds will be in the 8/31 paycheck.

  • 1st and 2nd year elementary teacher - $250
  • 1st and 2nd year secondary teacher - $200
  • 3+ year elementary teacher - $175
  • 3+ year secondary teacher - $150

You must follow the law when spending these funds. Anything bought with these legislative funds is property of the school and must remain at the school if you depart. I recommend you spending these funds on consumable materials (pencils, glue for example), especially those items you may need and pick up yourself last minute. For accountability purposes, please keep the receipts for these items and submit them to René all in one standard sized envelope before May 1st.

Please email me if you think there is an error or if you have questions.

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Lana emailed a bit ago to let you all know that we do not currently have a librarian and that the library will be closed until further notice. The library can now be accessed under the following conditions.

Students must be accompanied by an adult at all times when visiting the library. Students may check out books from the library as long as the teacher or assistant record which student has borrowed which book, noting this on the school-wide Library Document, which was just shared with you all. We ask that all teachers pick a color of card stock from the work room to create place holders for each student. Please print/write the name of each student as well as the teacher's name on a half sheet of colored card stock. When students check out a book, students will place this colored card stock placeholder where they removed the book.

When students return the book, the teacher or assistant should update the google Library Document and then the child should return the book to the proper place in the library, which they will find by finding the colored card stock with their name.

We have this wonderful library filled with books and want this accessible to all students in the school. Without a librarian overseeing this process, we are putting a lot of trust in every teacher and child in this building to check out and return books properly. Please take this responsibility seriously and exercise respect for these materials and instill this respect in students as well.

Math Vocabulary Cards

Last year MMA made card stock color copies of the UT core math vocabulary cards for every elementary teacher. This was very expensive; and, it was worth the price because these vocabulary cards serve to bridge the gap between Common Core math standard vocabulary and Montessori math works. Please use these materials alongside your Montessori lessons by the end of September.

If you are a new elementary teacher and have no idea what this material is or haven't even seen it in your classroom - Ms. Nicoletta will be working with you to better understand and build these materials.

Display Work/Art in the Hallway

Volunteer to showcase your students' work in the hallways on the wire hangers. There are two sets of wire hangers on each side of the building as you walk north or south immediately after you enter the front door. You may choose to display work from any subject area or assignment - language, writing, art, science, and more.

Displaying student work is a wonderful way to bring beauty to our halls and share the love of our students to our community members who visit the halls. If you are showcasing work, please make a label with your class name, grade levels, subject, and theme if possible. Please be mindful that the level of work being demonstrated is the child’s work that is to the best of their ability. For example, if you are displaying writing samples, the work displayed should be a final copy after the child has gone through the revision process, appropriate to the level. You may sign up for a two week time period where your class is in charge of hanging their work for viewing. A sign-up sheet is coming soon.

Acadience Training

Acadience (formerly DIBELs) training with Kim has been reschedule to Wednesday, September 4th in the library from 3:30-4:00 (or as late as 4:30 for those that can stay). This was the professional learning session that we originally planned for during PD week but was cancelled due to technical issues. This training is essential for all new teachers, case managers, UE teachers, and JH core teachers.

Injury Reports

Thank you all for completing injury reports as soon as possible. We have already had to go back and refer to one for more information. Thank you for alerting the office staff asap if there are any injuries to the head/face, which allows the front office staff to call the child's parent/guardian.

Please ensure that all parts of the form are filled in completely. This include the child's last name and grade. These get filed eventually and it can be very difficult if this key information is missing. If we notice, we try to tell you right away as you submit the form.


We are looking for a few volunteers to help pass out flyers and tell people about how wonderful MMA is at the Brigham City Peach Days next weekend, September 6th and 7th. The marketing committee thinks that we should attend to recruit more families to attend MMA. Please email me if you are interested and we will get you more information as we get it. Even if you could only help MMA out for an hour or few and then spend your time perusing the festival - we welcome your help.

Governor's Mansion Tours

FYI . . . from Karen Peterson

As we begin this new school year, I wanted to make you aware of the ongoing opportunity for student groups to tour the Governor's Mansion. If you have a group already planning to visit the State Capitol, they could also visit the Mansion at the same time. Capitol Preservation has some funding for school groups to cover transportation costs if groups visit both the Capitol and the Mansion.

Liz at Preservation Utah arranges the tours and the docents. Her number is 801-533-0858, extension 107. If she is unavailable, please reach out to Lynda Horne, Mansion Manager, at 801-538-1649 for assistance. We love sharing the beautiful Governor's Mansion with Utah students, thank you for giving us the opportunity.

I hope the school year is shaping up to be excellent!

Karen Peterson
Deputy Education Advisor

Office of Governor Gary R. Herbert

Utah State Capitol, Suite 200

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

Office: 801-538-1342

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UMC Fall Workshop

Below you will find the full flyer for the UMC annual fall workshop. MMA will not offer scholarships to attend this workshop this year as we are devoting most of our professional development funds to other Montessori trainings. We encourage you to attend and meet other, local Montessorians.

Math PD from UT State Board of Ed

We are excited to offer four online Professional Learning courses in Elementary Mathematics this fall. Registration has moved from UEN to MIDAS and courses will now be offered through USBE Canvas rather than UEN Canvas. Please use the links below to register.

Course Dates: September 11- December 4, 2019

Registration Ends: September 4, 2019

All courses offered for 1 USBE credit

Working with Numbers in the Early Grades:Click here to register

Course Code: 54357

A solid understanding of numbers is crucial for success in mathematics. This course is specifically designed to help teachers of preschool, kindergarten, first and second grade children navigate the nuance of number sense. In this course we will explore researched-based pedagogy, counting principles, and the composing and decomposing of number which leads to strong understandings of addition and subtraction. All course work is intended to enable teachers to support and challenge the young mathematicians in their classroom.

Progressions in Place Value for Teachers Grades K–2: Click here to register

Course Code: 39405

Place value is an essential foundation in mathematics. Young mathematicians build understanding through counting, familiarity with the base-ten system, and applying their understanding to the operations of addition and subtraction. This course, specifically designed for the kindergarten, first, and second grade teachers offers this essential place value content in addition to research-based pedagogy, and a compilation of valuable resources.

Progressions in Multiplication and Division for Teachers Grades 3-5: Click here to register

Course Code: 54390

This course highlights the progression of multiplication and division standards in grades 3-5. Participants will build from a foundation of how a student develops from the operations of addition and subtraction in K-2 to multiplication and division in 3-5. The course will focus on building a strong conceptual and representational understanding in grades 3-5. Through engaging in reading research, mathematical tasks, discussion posts, and viewing videos of teaching practice, participants will revisit their current operational understanding of multiplication and division and solidify their understanding of strategies and models within these operations. Participants will deepen their passion for math, mathematical pedagogy, and develop ways to promote a growth mindset with students.

Progressions in Fractions for Teachers Grades 3-5: Click here to register

Course Code: 46959

This course highlights the progression of fraction standards in grades 3-5. Participants will build from a foundation of how a student's development of fractional thinking in grades K-2 leads the way to building a strong conceptual and representational understanding in grades 3-5. Through engaging in reading research, mathematical tasks, discussion posts, and viewing videos of teaching practice, participants will link operation sense within whole numbers to fractions and solidify their understanding of visual fraction models. Participants will deepen their passion for math and develop ways to promote a growth mindset with students.

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In case you didn't get a chance this week . . . Get these forms in to René's box.
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Click here to complete this form digitally. Due no later than Tuesday, August 6th, 2019.