The affect of your learning style


There are 3 main learning styles these all have different effects on people, there is visual, auditory and kinetic, everybody is different and this leaflet will explain more about the different learning styles.


The visual learning style is learning visually through the use of images, videos or a performance. Basically This means that somebody who learns visually will remember things easier if he get his information in a visual format. For people who learn visually i would recommend watching video's or tutorials about something, Youtube would be a good source for this


Kinetic learning is for people who are more hands on, these people learn by carrying out tasks or actually doing something. These people could find it hard to learn by reading or listening as they prefer to do something themselves.


This means that these people prefer to learn through listening to somebody do something or something that can instruct them. For people who are auditory learners i would recommend listening to somebody tell them about a certain topic or listen to a podcast or conference.