Math Department Tidbits

December 2, 2015


  • Erika Mayfield is DCSD Teacher of the Year
  • Graduation Rate is 97.20%
  • EOC Results
  • 2 Governors Honors Program Finalists
  • 6 AMHS Football Finalists made All Region

Math Department Talking Points

These are the topics for discussion at the departmental meeting on 12/2/15. Please make sure you have your cell phone

  • EIC Ninth grade math program - The issue is that some co-teachers are not showing up and there needs to be more structure. Math teachers are burdened with planning, implementing, and grading work. No consistency, especially if students are to receive a grade.
  • Math competitions and Mu Alpha Theta - Need to expose our kids to these opportunities; would like to start a Mu Alpha Theta Chapter and get a team of students to enter Moody's Math Challenge. Suggestions and volunteers?
  • Math XL and IXL - Updates, feedback from you, and suggestions for assignments/quizzes/tests.
  • Retirement gift for Dr. May from the department. Suggestions and budget.
  • ACTIVITY: Rigor in your course - Group analysis of documents: assignments, quizzes, tests, and questioning.

AMHS Vision

To create a nationally recognized school of excellence with students who excel and compete on all levels to be successful in a rapidly changing world by creating stability, significance, opportunities, and traditions

Goal 1: To Improve Student Achievement


  • Final Exam Schedule (will be sent to you via e-mail) - during the week of December 14-18, Monday and Tuesday are block days and will be used for Final Exam Reviews. Please review those topics that are most challenging to your students. Be sure to provide your students with a review and be sure to go over it in class.
  • Posting Grades - Please make sure that you are posting at least 3 grades per week. Make sure the grades are meaningful and that you are atlas providing feedback on most assignments. You should have about 45 grades in your gradebook.
  • Administrators and counselors are in the process of making probation warning calls to parents; please make sure that your grades are up to date.
  • Make sure that you have contacted the parents of students who are failing and that you document on the parent contact log. Additionally, make sure that you have remediation plans for all students that are failing your class. DOCUMENT!! DOCUMENT!! DOCUMENT!!

Testing Update

  • EOC Testing (December 7-14); our dept. is not impacted.
  • Universal Screener (January 5 - February 3); ninth and tenth graders.
  • EOC Results - cut score was a 68, which resulted in more students passing. We are in the business of growth so our goal as a department is to move students up one level. Constantly check your student data to help improve the learning of your students. Carefully plan/choose activities to achieve these goals. Look to your colleagues for assistance.

TKES - Deadline April 24, 2015

  • 100% of our staff has completed there roster verifications!
  • Formative assessments are happening between 11/30 -12/4. Once you receive notification, please sign off. If you need assistance, I am available to assist you.
  • Principal/Assistant Principal Survey (December 9, 2015 during Faculty Meeting)
  • Mid-year conferences will be held before December 11th - this is where an administrator will discuss your progress thus far and identify areas of improvement.


  • If you receive a "Present Levels of Performance" form for a student. Please fill this out as it is needed to help better support out students. It is imperative that you fill this out as your certificate depends upon it.


  • This week, Juniors are involved in advisement meetings to determine their Senior schedule.


  • It is midyear inventory time. Please do a textbook check, making sure that the student has the book that he/she was issued. If any student is without their issued text, please record that information and forward it to Ms. Hale.
  • Additionally, we must have an accurate count of all textbooks and teacher materials in the building. Please count the textbooks issued to students, teacher materials, as well as, any texts/materials in your class or at your home. Ms. Hale will be sending an inventory sheet that you will need to complete.
  • Please do not send anyone to the book room and do not take any books out of the book room at this time. Ms. Hale is currently counting books in the book room.
  • Teachers who did not issue textbooks Fall semester, you WILL be issuing them during the Spring. NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES!

Goal 2: To create a safe, orderly, and nurturing environment


  • Please be at work unless you are sick or have an emergency.
  • Please secure a sub as soon as you know you will need to absent and have sub plans available on your desk.
  • Please make sure that you have a sub folder (see me if you need an actual folder) and that you have emergency sub plans (at leas 5 days). If you need suggestions or assistance in getting this done, please see me so that I can provide guidance/assistance.


  • Supervision! Supervision! Supervision! Stay calm and follow the process!!
  • First Period teachers, please record the grade level and number of students who are wearing a blazer or sweater vest (formal attire) on Monday. This is crucial for the success of The Big Board competition.
  • Document dress code violations and tardies. All faculty must be diligent if we want to effect change.
  • Monitor hallways between class periods. We must do a better job of enforcing locker times and moving students to their classes.


  • Be sure to report any and all instances of bullying.

Goal 3: To provide quality customer service

  • Make sure to check your voicemail messages and email messages regularly. Try to reply within 48 hours.
  • Update your webpage/calendars weekly.
  • Try not to be defensive with parents. They are passionate and advocating for their child. We all have different parenting styles but we must be respectful and understanding. You can be firm without being defensive. If you need suggestions or assistance, feel free to ask me or an administrator.

Goal 4: To increase parental engagement and stakeholder involvement

  • Have a parent night to involve parents in helping you prepare activities for your class.
  • Have a meeting with your parents discuss ways that they can assist their students.
  • Send home a monthly newsletter of a unit newsletter to preview the upcoming unit and provide resources that can be used to help their student.
  • Make a wish list for supplies/materials and share with your students/parents.
  • Reach out to parents who can come to speak to students about how math is used in their profession (like a career day) or perhaps help them to design a virtual field trip to their place of employment.

Goal 5: To provide professional learning opportunities for all students

  • AP Training. If you are interested, contact Dr Franklin.
  • RTI Make Up training is 12/10/15 at 7:25am.
  • As an educator, it is our goal to grow in our profession. DeKalb and other agencies/companies offer a plethora of opportunities designed with you in mind. Take advantage of these opportunities!



Junior Class Advisement Meetings 8:00am Theater

Departmental Meetings 3:35pm Classrooms


Winter Concert 6:30pm Theater


PTSA Executive Board Meeting 6:30pm Media Center


Faculty Meeting 3:35pm Media Center


Student of the Month entry due 3:20pm Email Mrs. Ellis (form was emailed)


School Council Meeting 7:00am Media Center


Fire Drill 2:00pm


Jeans Day All day


Final Exams 1, 4, 5 All day Classrooms


Final Exams 2, 4, 6 All day Classrooms


Final Exams 3, 4, 7 All day Classrooms

Jeans Day (Teachers & Students) All day