Deep Dark and Dangerous

Presentation for 2nd hour reading class

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Summary of Deep and Dark and Dangerous

The plot is on when thirteen-year-old Alison O'Dywer finds a photograph in her attic. The photograph is of her mother Claire, her Aunt Dulcie, and a third girl who has been torn out of the picture. When Ali takes a surprise vacation to the lake she meets a nasty little girl named Sissy. As Ali gets more upset with Sissy she tries to figure out Sissy's past but later she finds a very scary truth; Sissy had no home and had died when her mother and aunt were little girls and that they also had interacted with them. At the end of the story, Ali and Emma find out the truth; Teresa had been the same little girl in the photograph and the last summer that Ali's mom and aunt had been there Teresa had died in a terrible accident; she had drowned in the lake. Sissy then starts telling Ali that she wants to be buried and wants people to bring her flowers and for them to cry so she will be able to pass on to the life.

How characters change as the work progresses

Which characters did you relate to? Why?: I didn't relate to any of the characters.

Were there any characters whom you disliked: Sissy because she constantly bothers the main character.

Did any characters in this work remind you of characters in other works you've read?: No.

Identification of major themes or arguments

How did these themes unfold?: The morale of the book Is I guess don't do stupid things because they will come back to haunt you.

What other works have you read that are similar to this book?: I forget the names but I have read similar mystery books before.

What was one of your favorite quotes and why?: "salamanders are like humans, they are there but when they die they still remain in their predators mind"

- sissy