Reading Conference Notes from 1/29/16

New Goal Ending April 22nd

New goal: 12 pages x 80 days = 960 pages

Reading Glue Goal: 1,689

[combines pages read from semester 1 and the goals for semester 2]

I asked.....student answered....

What worked for you? Trying to read, but I get busy, forget, or I'm tired.

What can you improve? Reading a book I like. I've picked out a Judy Blume book.

What can I do to support you? Make a plan to read. Maybe everyday after lunch and in the car while traveling.

What is my reading level?

Level: U

This level represents the results of the Fountas & Pinnell testing done during Semester 1. Students will be evaluated again in April.

Making Time to Read

Carrick expressed wanting more time to read. It might benefit Carrick if together you can create a plan that might allow him to read more in the day. If you would like my help, I'm more than happy to guide Carrick and we can meet. Here is a article with information that might help:

The Post-It Strategy

Sometimes it helps when readers have a visual of where they need to stop. Before reading, Morgan can count 12-15 pages and mark the end with a post-it. She can read until she reaches the post it. If she can't read it all in one sitting, then she knows she needs to pick up the book again until she's done.

Gwinnett County Public Library

Here is a way to get your hands on books without ever needing to leave your house.

1. You can visit once a month. Did you know you can check out 75 books at a time?

2. Use the library's free online and digital resources, like Tumblebooks and Overdrive. Initially, Carrick will need help setting up the account information, but it should be easy after that.

Gwinnett Public Library:

Just Right Books

Check the two links below on picking just right books and identifying book levels. If you more help than this, I will be very happy to meet with you and give you some guidance.