Outer Banks Trip

June of 2016

The House

The house we are going to stay in is a house with 16 bedrooms for a lot of people that are our great friends and family. We hope that we can get enough people to get the big 16 bedroom house which would only cost $900 per family which isn't a bad deal considering everything that is in that house with three floors and an elevator with two kids room with two sets of bukbeds and the rest are kings and queens. Outside there is a dock to the beach and a pool, kiddie pool, hot tub, and a bar/ wet bar for everyone to have a nice lunch at if needed. We wish all goes well to get this house but if not here is more info on another house!?The house has...floors. This house also has... rooms. The house has... equipment. The extra things that are in/at this house is...

The People and Amount That are Going

The people that are going are...- Joe and Bridget - Cindy and Steve- Ann and Lanny - Hope and Shane - Deanna and Leroy - - Jeanne - The kids are Morgan, Katelyn and Skylar and more.

What all is in the 16 bedroom house.

What all is in the 16 bedroom house is there are 16 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms two are kids rooms. This house can sleep 32 people. With the 16 bedrooms there are 16 full bathrooms connecting. On every floor there is a deck to the outside. On the upper floor there is a dining area outside, back inside there is a living area, breakfast table, another living room, followed by two dining rooms, the kitchen with a breakfast bar and a lounge area, down the hall is a wet bar, powder room, and a small washer and dryer, on that floor there are only two bedrooms. Down to the middle floor there is a den with a kitchenette, and eight bedrooms, down to the entry way is another washer and dryer, steps to the porch and down to the pool area, and the elevator through the middle of the house. On the bottom floor to the pool is another powder room, washer and dryer, theater room, kitchen, gaming area, lounge couch, and last 6 more bedrooms on this floor. Outside is the pool with the hot tub and kiddie pool with the dock to the beach right outside the pool.

Outer Banks

Saturday, June 11th 2016 at 6am

Nags Head, NC, United States

Nags Head, NC