May Team Newsletter

Nichelle's Dazzlin Divas

Welcome Dazzlin Divas

Hi Ladies,

We had another amazing month. I am so proud of each and everyone you. The hard work that you put into your business. I am honored to be your Director!! I hope you enjoy your May Team Newsletter!!

Monthly Sales & Team Recognition


April was filled with a lot of exciting company incentives as well as our Summer Premiere. You continue to amaze me every month. I could not be more proud of this team, than I am right now. I am so proud of the Job that we did as a team. As One.. we can do and accomplish anything. Great Job Dazzlin Divas!! We were on fire (in my Alisha Keys voice) haha!!

May Team Goals:

Team Sales: $4,000

Team Parties: 18

Actual Team Goals Accomplished

Team Sales: $5,609.00

Team Parties Held:12

You're on Fire!

Look who sold over a $2000

Dawn Anderson - $2,261.50 / 4 parties held

Super Job!

Look who sold over a $1000

Nichelle Davis- $1,336.00

Fantastic Job!

Look who sold over $500

Anabel Ramirez- $926.00

Awesome Job!

Look who sold over $200

Espy Guzman- 442.00

Michelle Frawner-$281.50

LaShawn Mosley- $240.00

Carole Henehan- 122.00

Team Year-End Performance

Thirty-one's Fiscal Year is From June- May

Team Sales: $53,308.84

Team Parties:118

Team Recruits:12

Special Achievements

Congratulations Dawn Anderson for earning All Levels of the New Consultant Startswell Program!!

Startswell Earner Level 1- Anabel Ramirez

Congratulations on your special Achievements!!!

Dream Builders

I am so excited and blessed to have such an amazing team! You never know who needs a little extra income or a new way to meet others. Who will you share the Opportunity with in June?

GREAT WORK! Please welcome our newest members!

Tasha Henry, Pasadena, TX by way of Dawn Anderson

News you Need to know

Keepin In Touch!!

I will be touching base with on a regular basis to see if you need help growing your business and how to best help you. I will also ask how your calendar looks for the month for parties and events. This is not designed to pressure you in any way -- just gives me a idea on if we will meet our target. Ideally, you can send me a text, email, Facebook message, or call me to let me know how you are doing. I would love to hear your progress and help in any way I can. Want to stay in the know? Visit our Team Facebook Page!

Every member of this team is needed! Whether your Thirty-One endeavor is a hobby, part-time job or full-time job, your efforts count!

Here is a challenge to motivate you to keep in touch with me!

Email me the dates for the following events you have scheduled:

  • Home parties
  • Vendor events
  • Catalog shows (Date Range)
  • Online parties (Date Range)
  • Fundraisers (Date Range)

How to earn tickets:

  • 4 points for each event & date sent to me by the 1st - 9th of the month
  • 2 points for each event & date sent to me by the 10th - 15th of the month
  • 1 points for each event & date sent after the 15th of the month
  • 3 points for each event & date that results in a submitted qualifying party

At the end of every month, I will hold a drawing for a prize. Ok, ok, what do you win, right? : ) Prizes will vary but will be a $20 value in consultant supplies, Thirty-One products or a gift card for personal use.

Director's Info/ Stats

Personal Sales: $1,336.00

3 Parties held

Conference Bucks Silver Level Earner

Follow Your Dreams

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe