Gatorade, Apple Pies and Energy Drinks - Oh My!


You may have noticed something bright and NEW in our two break areas today. Please help me welcome our new vending machine provider “CANTEEN.” We are excited to have them working with us and look forward to a long snack filled relationship.

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A few things to note:

1. You will see several new options in both the snack and drink machines (the break room down the hill even has an energy drink). If items are not big sellers they will transition them out to other options. We are expecting better service and faster restocks from this new company.

2. Our drinks will now be ran by PEPSI. When taking a look over our previous selection there was only one product from the Coca-Cola brand (Regular Coca-Cola). The new companies will not allow two different competing brands in the same machine. If you are a Coca-Cola lover- I apologize. But majority ruled on this one. The Canteen guys also got a big laugh from whoever wrote “Bud-Light” on the requested drink selections. They told me to tell you “we would if we could!”

3. These new machines have a sensor at the bottom. If your bag of chips gets snagged and it doesn’t make it to the bottom- the machine should refund your money automatically. That one item will become unavailable and it will not allow anyone else to purchase until the door has been opened for a repair.


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50 Days Raised for Eddie Jenkins!

We got to tell Eddie about how all of you came together and donated your vacation days to help him in this rough time. He was incredibly thankful. Every hour donated along with the many financial donations had him at a loss for words. Eddie has worked here for 17 years. He is a great worker and had become a part of our team--- Our family. Thank you for showing him your support and love. You guys rock.
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